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Frugal city. Visiting Krakow on the Cheap. 

Basically Krakow is less expensive than other popular tourist destinations in the European Union. And a truly frugal visitor may enjoy the city for an equivalent of fifteen euros or less per day. 


Budget lodgings in Krakow

Regular rates in many hostels in Krakow, bed-and-breakfasts, and various guest houses start from an equivalent of about ten euro per person per night. And from July through September the city’s numerous student dormitories are turned into cheap hotels. Plus an interesting option for families and small groups are holiday apartments for rent that have mushroomed recently all over the city, many situated conveniently in Krakow’s central historic districts of the Old Town and the Kazimierz Town or near by.

'White Lady', a street artist
Free entertainment. 

Tickets to Krakow’s attractions, museums, theaters and concerts are usually cheap and their price seldom exceeds an equivalent of 2.5 euro. And reduced rates are available to schoolchildren. Plus there is no lack of free amusement in the city. 

Open-air events with free admission, such as music concerts and theater shows, are a staple in Krakow during the summer season, i.e. from May through October, and often they feature accomplished artists. Also some indoor performances are free of charge, which not always promote aspiring local talents. The city’s clubs seldom charge anything for entry on Friday and Saturday nights with DJ-spun music even as the selection scrutiny at the gate is a rule. 

Most of Krakow museums allow free admittance to their permanent exhibitions on one day of the week although the number of complimentary tickets is often limited. Most notably some of the Wawel Royal Castle’s shows are accessible gratis on Mondays in the season and on Sundays off season, the Krakow National Museum’s branches on Sundays, the Archeology Museum and the Ethnography Museum on also Sundays, the City of Krakow History Museum on Wednesdays, the Old Synagogue on Mondays, the Museum of Photography on Sundays, and the Museum of Municipal Engineering on Tuesdays. All week round entry is free charge to the museum of martyrdom at 2 Pomorska street (former jail of Gestapo in the WWII). 

With the exception of the basilica of the Virgin Mary and the Wawel Cathedral, the sightseeing of Krakow’s historic churches is free of charge. 

Inexpensive food.

Foodstuffs aren’t perhaps dirt-cheap in Poland but one may find low-priced yet decent food products in Krakow shops – it suffices to stray slightly from the city’s main tourist routes. Superstores have good prices but some budget convenience stores still undercut them a bit. And fresh farm products are available on markets scattered over the city. 

Low-cost dining out in Krakow. 

A myriad of the city’s downtown fast food restaurants, snack bars, burger joints, kebab bistros, salad bars, pizzerias, and the like are the obvious choice for diners with limited budget. At the same time it’s good to remember that Krakow is the capital of Poland’s gastronomy and a good deal of its numerous restaurants prove truly affordable. A three-course meal of the ‘dishes of the day’ priced at an equivalent of 8 euro or so in an out-of-the-way diner is pretty common (look for ‘obiad firmowy’). As a last resort there remain the dirt-cheap eateries called ‘bar mleczny’ (milk bar), once profuse throughout Poland and nearing extinction nowadays, that serve simple but healthy food at low prices subsidized by the Krakow municipality.

Affordable travel to Krakow

Many cheap airlines fly their passengers to and from Krakow’s Balice International Airport, several other no-frills carriers use the Katowice airport of Pyrzowice, some sixty kilometers from Krakow. The city has also abundant train connections, both direct and indirect, with the rest of Europe. Plus, a dozen or so local bus companies maintain permanent if somewhat erratic coach lines that link Krakow with many European cities abroad. Also, many private carriers run long-distance bus and/or minibus services between the city and innumerable destinations in Poland, notably those in the Malopolska region. Hitchhiking is an available option but hardly attractive one as most drivers shun foreigners asking for a ride. 

Krakow has a dense system of public transportation that consists of numerous municipal bus and tram lines, supplemented by private minibus fleets and commuter trains. A single ticket for a city bus or a streetcar, available at newsstands and from ticket machines, costs 3.80 zlotys. There are also passes for all municipal lines – an hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, and a monthly one – but they aren’t worthwhile unless one needs to commute as nearly all of Krakow’s premier attractions are situated within a walking distance .

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