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Telephones in Krakow 

Pay phones are available throughout Krakow in street booths, post offices, and other public places such as shopping malls. Once found, a public phone will easily connect you with any place on the earth. There is no operator, just dial either zone code plus local number for calls to anywhere in Poland including Krakow or a country code plus the number abroad for international calls. 


Poland's largest telecom, Orange (formerly TP S.A.), has practically monopolized payphones, theirs to be fed with cards on sale at newsstands, some shops, gas stations, etc. The competition happen to install coin-operated phones but they are scarce.  

If you brought a cell phone from abroad it should work in Krakow as in the rest of Europe outside your own country as long as your telecom has a roaming deal with any of Poland's counterparts (most cellular telephony operators have it). Otherwise, bar a simlock, you may purchase a new SIM card for your phone, i.e. a 'starter' package, at an outpost of one of several telecoms active in Poland - they are omnipresent throughout Krakow - for as little as an equivalent of 1.5 euro or so. Alas, you cannot make them easily operational nowadays. First, one needs to register the prepaid SIM card with the operator at a branch office producing a valid identity document with the bearer's address.  

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Note: When operational, keep your cellphone off in restaurants, museums, theaters, churches, etc even if it appears others don’t mind.

Poland’s country code is 48. Krakow’s zone code is 12, Warsaw’s 22,  Poznan’s 61, Gdansk’s 58, Katowice’s 32, Lublin’s 81, and Szczecin’s is 97. 

Internet Access in Krakow 

Internet cafes, once found on every street in downtown Krakow, are now a rarity but they still exist. 

Most hotels in Krakow provide free Internet access to the guests. 

Wireless internet is available outdoors on Krakow's central Rynek Glowny square near the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) and on Szeroka street in the Kazimierz district as well as several other parts of the city and at some municipal institutions. Indoor Wi-Fi hotspots are installed in shopping malls hotels, restaurants, cafes, gas stations, etc but often you need to get the access code from the staff. 

Postal Services 

Krakow's main office post is situated at 20 Westerplatte street at Wielopole street, on the eastern edge of the central Old Town historic district, just beyond the Planty garden ring. Local post offices are located in most neighborhoods and the Old Town historic center can boast several. Also, the Krakow shopping malls usually have a post office somewhere among their stores. 

Making Oneself Understood in Krakow 

Never bet overly on the language skills of Krakow natives: they usually speak English but often only slightly better than Frenchmen or Italians. And do not guess Polish spelling pronunciation – it’s simple but different (“keep the rest” is Polish “reszty nie trzeba” in writing, and something like “raeshty nye chaeba” in an English phonetic transcription). All Poles are literate so write in block letters Polish addresses and names you want to inquire about. When inquiring about directions ask another person to confirm: people happen to have better intention than information or better information than intention. 

See useful Polish words and phrases 

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