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Slowacki Theater in Krakow
The Slowackiego Theater, built in 1893, doubles as Krakow's opera house.

Krakow Theater 

Krakow features prominently on the theater map of Europe. Its legendary Narodowy Stary Teatr (National Old Theater) counts among the continent’s best companies of players. Like most Krakow repertory theaters it runs several playhouses of varied capacity including its sizable main venue in the 200-year-old theater building, Poland’s oldest, at 1 Jagielonska street. It has a formidable local competitor in the Teatr Slowackiego theater whose grand edifice of 1893 at the Plac Sw. Ducha square doubled many decades as an opera house. 

Krakow’s other repertory companies are the Teatr Bagatela theater, 6 Karmelicka street at Krupnicza street, the Scena STU theater at 16 Krasinskiego street in the downtown area, and the Teatr Ludowy theater in the os. Teatralne residential quarter of the largely industrial district of Nowa Huta. There is also the Teatr Groteska theater at 2 Skarbowa street that specializes in the puppet and mask productions for children. New arrivals with fixed addresses and steady stage productions are the Teatr Laznia Nowa theater at 25 Os. Szkolne, the Teatr KTO theater at 8 Gzymsikow street, and the Teatr Nowy theater at 21 Gazowa street. 

In addition to the above-mentioned established temples of dramatic art Krakow boast an array of independent ventures that comprise a fairly lively and diverse off scene. And Krakow’s famous Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Teatralna (Higher State Theater School) is a force in its own right. For one thing, every year it dispatches a new contingent of actors and directors who before soon tend to occupy the center stage all over the country. For another, productions at the School’s two playhouses, featuring students but staged by the best Polish directors, often receive rave reviews. 

Booking Offices of Krakow's Repertory Theaters. 

Narodowy Stary Teatr (National Stary Theater) has its booking office is at 1 Plac Szczepanski square,
phone number 124224040, fax 122927512, email 

Teatr im. Juliusza Slowackiego (Juliusz Slowacki Theater) has its booking office at 1 Sw. Ducha Pl.,
phone number 124244525, phone/fax 124224022, email  

Teatr Bagatela has its booking office at 6 Karmelicka street,
phone number 124245209, fax 124224544, email 

Teatr Ludowy has its booking office is at 34 os. Teatralne,
phone number 126802112, fax 126802154, email  

Krakowski Teatr Scena STU has its booking office at 16 Krasinskiego street,
phone number 124222744, email 

Teatr Groteska has its booking office at 2 Skarbowa street,
phone number 126333762 or 6329200, fax 126339965, email 

Other theater companies in Krakow

Teatr Laznia Nowa has its ticket office at 25 os Szkolne
phone 124250320, fax 124250321, email 

Teatr KTO has its ticket office at 8 Gzymsikow street
phone 126237300, email 

Teatr Nowy has its office at 21 Gazowa street
manager's phone 0500450849 (mobile), email 

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