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Krakow's various schools and other educational institutions.  

Poland has a five-stage education system. It consists of preschools, elementary schools, lower secondary schools, upper secondary schools, and higher education. 

In Poland compulsory education begins at the age of six and continues till the age of eighteen.


Schools in Krakow

There are 145 elementary schools, szkola podstawowa, in the city with some 39,000 pupils.

Krakow’s 99 lower secondary schools, gimnazjum, teach 24,000 pupils or so.

The city’s 161 upper secondary schools boasts aggregate enrollment of over 40,000 students and their number break down into 10 vocational secondary schools (srednia szkola zawodowa), 31 basic vocational schools, 57 general high schools (liceum ogolnoksztalcace), 19 specialized high schools (liceum profilowane), 29 technical colleges, 5 supplementary technical colleges, and 10 artistic colleges.

Krakow’s 113 post-secondary vocational colleges, szkola policealna, number some 13,000 students.

Also Krakow’s 10 Catholic church seminaries provide the post-secondary education.

Adults may get further education in 91 schools, szkola dla doroslych, including one lower secondary school, 16 general high schools for adults, 21 supplementary general high schools, and 30 supplementary technical colleges.

Most preschools as well as schools from the elementary to the post-secondary ones are run by the Krakow municipality and financed largely by the central government’s subsidies but there is also a growing number the of private schools.

Collegium Novum, the Krakow university's headquarters

The neo-Gothic Collegium Novum building of 1887
at the Planty ring of gardens, the Jagiellonian University's headquarters.

Higher education in Krakow.

Every year over 170,000 students attend Krakow’s 25 institutions of higher education. The largest is the 650-year-old Jagiellonian University that together with its medical school totals nearly 45,000 students and 6,700 faculty members. The city’s other institutions of higher education include varied technology universities, arts academies, teacher-training colleges, bachelor-degree vocational colleges, and business schools.

Krakow's Institutions of Higher Education

Study in Krakow
For foreigners Krakow is a good place to complete or continue their studies

Jagiellonian Library
Poland's oldest library boasts 4.5 million volumes and its unique collection of medieval manuscripts and ancient books contains tens of thousands priceless items.

Krakow University
Poland’s oldest university with its 6,700 faculty and over 42,000 students is the country’s second largest institution of higher education and the best one.


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