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Holiday Apartments in Krakow, Poland. 

Whether you do not need full service or you do need full privacy, and whatever other reason you’d rather not stay in a hotel, renting a holiday apartment is a viable lodging option in Krakow. Self-catering vacation rentals of any size are readily available in the city all year round. Together they can accommodate a couple of thousand visitors at the same time. 

Prices of vacation apartments in Krakow

Accommodation in a rental apartment is less expensive than most good hotels in Krakow. The city’s high-season daily rates for holiday apartments range from euro 35-55 for a two-bed studio suite to euro 70-120 for a three-bedroom flat. One-week rent may amount to euro 200-350 and euro 350-550, respectively. And you might get a real bargain when you want to stay longer, notably off season.  

Quality rental vacation apartments in Krakow

The city’s short-term apartments vary immensely from one another. Usually, they are converted former tenements or condos rather than purpose-built. Also, converted attics and the like make up a substantial part of the market. 

Rental vacation apartments in Krakow are usually located in the downtown area but it doesn’t necessarily mean an attractive neighborhood. 

Kitchens with electric ovens, refrigerators, and basic cooking utensils seem standard as well as cable or satellite TV. 

The minimum stay is one night.

A typical operator usually runs three to five rental apartments of different type, size and price tag. Typically, they are scattered around the city but in recent years a number of downtown tenement buildings have been converted into clusters of serviced holiday apartments, sometimes with a 24-7 reception/concierge desk on the premises. If possible, before booking a self catering flat in Krakow it’s advisable to see it, examine its situation, and inquire about conditions, extra charges, etc. 

Renting Krakow flats for a longer period

Those who want to rent an apartment for months or years should turn to a real-estate agent or comb newspaper classifieds in the ‘to let’ section. In Krakow virtually the entire property market consists of flats and houses owned privately by individual landlords. Reasonable if modest flats are let for anything between euro 300 and euro 600 per month. 

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