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Breaking the news from Krakow, Poland 

Nearly 300 Krakow's Monuments In Need of Repair. 

Committee supervising restoration of Krakow’s historic buildings expects some 300 of them to undergo extensive renovation in the years 2011 to 2015, at a cost of 513 million zloties (about 122 million euro). 


Public Committee for Restoration of Krakow Monuments (Spoleczny Komitet Odnowy Zabytkow Krakow – SKOZK), the body appointed by the president of Poland, coordinates works to preserve the city’s historic architecture and dispenses grants. Its preliminary plan for the next five-year period foresees public funding to the tune of about 61 million euro and the same amount to be provided by the owners of old buildings in question. 

Out of the total of 122 million euro, nearly forty million will be spend in the Old Town central district including the Wawel Cathedral and Royal Castle, another 19 million on 40 structures in the Kazimierz historic area, 34.5 million elsewhere in downtown Krakow, some seven million in the Podgorze district, and 19 million on 52 other places. 

Besides the Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral the list of historic buildings earmarked for renovation in the first half of the next decade includes such Krakow’s famous ancient monuments as St. Mary’s basilica, the Dominican monastery, the Franciscan monastery, Corpus Christi church, St. Catherine’s church, Skalka Sanctuary, High Synagogue and Remuh cemetery, Tyniec Abbey, Cistercian Abbey in Mogila, and Bielany monastery. Yet none of the city’s top landmarks requires comprehensive restoration. 

The presently 131-strong Public Committee for Restoration of Krakow Monuments consists mostly of varied local luminaries. It’s chaired by Professor Franciszek Ziejka, former rector of the Jagiellonian University   

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