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Krakow Bielany Hermitage Monastery 

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Krakow Bielany monastery
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Krakow's Bielany monastery in the 19th century

Bielany Monastery in Krakow

Monks of the Camaldolese order subject themselves to the extremely severe rules of their order to live simple, peaceful, secluded life close to God in their beautiful Krakow hermitage atop Srebrna Gora (Silver Mountain). The four-storied crypts of the 17th-century fine Baroque monastery contain naturally mummified bodies of many generations of their predecessors. The dead and the alive seem equally indifferent and almost equally inaccessible to visitors coming here either by road (which makes a ten minutes’ drive from the Krakow center) or by boat up the Vistula river from the port at the foot of the Royal Castle’s Wawel Hill


Limited accessibility of the Bielany Monastery 

Male tourists are admitted to the church any day from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Yet women can visit it just 12 days in the year, i.e. March 25, Easter, May 3, Pentecost and following Monday, Sunday after June 19, July’s 2nd and 4th Sundays, August’s 1st Sunday, August 15, September 8, and December 25. Yet from springtime through autumn the vast Bielany forest around the monastery is traditionally Krakow’s favorite picnic destination. It seems worth visiting for splendid panorama too. And every Whitsuntide a popular folk feast takes place here.

Pilgrimage sites in Krakow

pilgrim guide to Krakow  Pilgrim's guide to Krakow

Krakow churches
Krakow numerous churches are architectural gems, art hoards, and spiritual hubs

Wawel Cathedral
Poland's impressive national shrine dates from the 14th century and shelters plenty of superb church art. The
Sigismund Chapel is a masterpiece of the Renaissance art and architecture. Giant Zygmunt bell of 1520 ranks with the world's largest. Most Polish kings are buried here together with the greatest national heroes.

Basilica of the Virgin Mary's
Immense Gothic church, the city of Krakow's principal temple since the 13th century, boasts the world's
greatest Gothic sculpture among its many excellent works of art. Huge stained-glass widows of the chancel date from the 14th century.

Skalka Sanctuary
Poland’s second holiest shrine at the site of St. Stanislav’s 1079 martyrdom. Splendid Baroque church and fine monastery modeled on a Renaissance castle.

Tyniec Abbey
Hilltop monastery-fortress dates from the 11th c.

St. Norbert's Convent
Vast fortified complex on the Vistula river is home to Krakow’s once powerful Premonstratensian Sisters since the 12th c.

Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow
Humble nun’s visions in the 1930s gave rise to a world-wide spiritual movement inside the Catholic Church, ever stronger nowadays, with the center in her Krakow convent.


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