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Archive News Stories of 2011 from Krakow Info

Year 2011 


Krakow's New Footbridge Over Wisla River
Pedestrians and cyclists can use a brand-new 145-meter-long bridge over the river Wisla. It connects two areas gaining in popularity - Kazimierz with its historic Jewish Quarter and trendy nightspots and Podgorze where Schindler’s Museum has recently opened. The footbridge cost some ten million euro to build, about a third of the sum covered by an EU fund.  

UE Leaders to Meet in Krakow in 2011. 
Polish government has selected Krakow as one of likely sites of the summit meetings of the European Union. They will take place on the territory of Poland during the Polish six-month presidency of the EU that starts on July 1st, 2011 to end on December 31st, 2011. The summits include the Council of the Union rendezvous of the heads of states and governments as well as meetings on the ministerial level.  

8-million-plus Visited Krakow in 2010 
Krakow attracted over 8.1 million visitors in 2010, 800,000 more than a year ago – estimates Malopolska Tourist Organization. Foreigners constituted roughly a quarter of the total number, i.e. 2.1 million, and – in contrast to Polish tourists – they mostly stayed overnight in the city. Over 26 percent of them came from the UK while 11.2 percent were Germans, 9.1 percent Italians, 8.3 percent Frenchmen, and 6.3 percent Spaniards. In 2010 all visitors spent some 3.5 billion zloties during their stay in Krakow.  

Hilton Is Here 
Krakow’s first Hilton hotel has opened at 33 Konopnickiej street, not far from the Wawel Royal Castle on the opposite bank of Wisla river. The four-star, six-story Hilton Garden Inn Kraków is Poland’s first hotel of the chain, one of the many brands in the portfolio of the Hilton Worldwide. As the rest of the pack, Krakow’s hotel targets both tourists and business travelers. It boasts 154 rooms and among its amenities include a 24/7 convenience store on the premises, a restaurant, 400-sq-meter conference area, a complimentary business center, and fitness facilities. The rooms are equipped with empty mini-fridges instead of minibars.

Schindler’s Factory, Reincarnation
Schindler's Factory in Krakow
Minimalist blueprint of two Italian architects, Florence’s Claudio Nardi and Leonardo Maria Proli, had won the tender for the design of the Museum of Contemporary Art on the grounds of the long defunct Emalia works also known as Schindler’s factory made famous by an Oscar-winning film by Steven, ‘Schindler’s List’. The construction of a brand-new museum was completed on November 16th, 2010 but it has opened May 19th, 2011. It cost some ten million euro to build. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow - MOCAK is to coexist with another next door, devoted to the history of Krakow during World War II, opened in June 2010 in the historical buildings of Schindler's factory (see its picture above). 

Krakow Voting 
This year's parliamentary elections on Sunday, October 9th have produced few surprises in Krakow. Incumbents of the centrist Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska, PO) have won 45 percent of the vote in the city which gives their party eight seats in Sejm, the dominant lower house of the Polish parliament. The main opposition Party, the nationalist Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc, PiS), has managed to secure 30 percent and five seats. Brand-new force on Poland's political scene, left-wing populist Palikot's Movement (Ruch Palikota, RP), has attracted nine percent of voters to get a single seat in the Krakow parliamentary district. It has gone to Ms Anna Grodzka, formerly Mr Ryszard Grodzki, currently the only transsexual member of any parliament in the world. Other parties failed to clear the five-percent threshold. The turnout in Krakow was sixty percent, i.e. 13 percent higher than the average for the entire Poland. 


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