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Leading Institutions of Higher Education in Krakow 
Krakow boasts 25 institutions of higher education with the combined yearly enrolment of about 180,000 students.  


Krakow's state universities /uczelnie publiczne/. 

/schools are listed in order of size, when calling in Krakow or elsewhere in Poland please don't dial 48 at the beginning/

Krakow university emblem

Uniwersytet Jagiellonski /Jagiellonian University/
Established in 1364. About 51,200 students.
Address 24 Golebia St. Website: 
Phone / fax (+48) 124226306, rector’s phone (+48) 124226689
Foreign cooperation deputy rector’s phone (+48) 124221033
Center for foreign cooperation phone (+48) 124226875
The admission office for foreigners provides information and guidance at its postal address: International Students Office, Jagiellonian University, Collegium Novum, ul. Golebia 24, rooms 031 and 032, 31-007 Krakow, Poland. Its phone number is (+48) 126631546 or (+48) 126631547 or (+48) 126631106, fax: (+48) 126631545, email: 

The Faculty of Management and Social Communication at the Jagiellonian University educates over 7,000 students from 30 different countries. It offers a wide variety of programs such as: company management, personnel management, quality and human resources management, tourism, sports and new media management, public sector management, including civil service and culture management. It includes study programs in economy such as applied and international economics. Other programs offered include applied psychology, journalism and social communication, information and library science, film studies, as well as electronic information processing, which combines humanities and computer science. Bachelor program of International Management is provided as a Double Degree in German and a master level program  of Business and Finance Management” in English.

Collegium Medicum (medical school) 
address: 12 Anny St., phone (+48) 124220086
Foreign cooperation (medical school) (+48) 124214664
Medical school for foreigners phone (+48) 124220411 

AGH University of Science and Technology: Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza im. S. Staszica 
Established in 1919. About 39,100 students.
Address: 30 Mickiewicza Av., Website: 
Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Development: phone +48 12 6172040 
Department of International Relations AGH-UST: phone: + 48 12 6174615 
e-mail:, Website:   

University of Economics: Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny (formerly Academy of Economics: Akademia Ekonomiczna)
Established in 1925. About 23,000 students.
Address 27 Rakowicka St. phone (+48) 126167200
rector’s phone (+48) 124210536
Foreign cooperation phone / fax (+48) 124212182

Cracow University of Technology: Politechnika Krakowska im. T. Kosciuszki 
Established in 1946. About 17,700 students.
Web Site: 
Mailing address: 24 Warszawska St., 31-155 Krakow, Poland 
Rector's Office phone: (+48) 126282201 
International Relations Office phone: (+48) 126282224, e-mail:, web site: 
International Educational Centre phone: (+48) 126283642, web site:

Pedagogical University: Uniwersytet Pedagogiczna im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej
Established in 1952. About 16,700 students. Address 2 Podchorazych St. phone (+48) 126376366
rector’s phone (+48) 126373815
Foreign cooperation phone (+48) 126375581

The Pedagogical University of Krakow is the oldest pedagogical higher education institution in Poland. Educational provision of the University enables students to apply to several dozen fields of studies in first-cycle (Bachelor’s) and second-cycle (Master’s) degree programmes, as well as in the third-cycle degree studies (Ph.D.), and post-graduate study courses. The courses can be completed in the following faculties: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Geography and Biology, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Science, and Faculty of Art.

Agricultural University of Krakow: Uniwersytet Rolniczy im. Hugona Kollataja 
Established in 1946. About 13,000 students.
Address: 2l Mickiewicza Av., phone (+48) 126624244 
rector's phone (+48) 126331336 
Foreign cooperation phone (+48) 126624260 
Congress center's phone (+48) 126625175. 
The University of Agriculture in Krakow has a rich history, which dates back to1890 when it was first functioning at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow as a Study of Agronomy. For many years of transformations the University changed its name several times and finally in 2008 it has gained the status of the University of Agriculture – the only such university in Poland. The present-day university offers education in 26 major fields of study and 56 specializations, and currently it has about 12 thousand students. Its educational offer comprises also postgraduate (non-degree) studies in 26 fields. The students have 28 experimental stations at their disposal, with the area of about 7,000 hectares.
Each year several hundred research projects are realized and many international and local conferences, symposia and seminars take place at the university.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Economics is the oldest of the University faculties tracing its origins to the Agronomic Studies created in 1890 within the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University of Cracow, which in 1923 was transformed into an independent Faculty of Agriculture of the Jagiellonian University. In Janaury 2002 it was renamed as the Faculty of Agriculture and Economics. The Faculty employs 160 members of academic staff, including 30 full professors, 28 Habilitated Doctors an 102 persons holding PhD degree. There are 2200 students enrolled in the programmes provided by the Faculty. The Faculty offers both full time and extramural programmes in the fields of:

  • Agriculture (specialisations: Agrieconomy, Agrobiology, Agritoutrism, Agriculture - Undergraduate study in English)

  • Management (specialisation: Management in Agribusiness)  

  • Environmental Protection (specialisation: Agroecology - Graduate study in English)

  • Economy (specialisation: Agribusiness Economics)

Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawla II /The Pontifical University of John Paul II/ 
Established in 1981. About 3,500 students.
Address: 25 Kanonicza street Phone (+48) 124218416. 
The University achieves its educational and academic activities within six faculties: Philosophy, History and Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, Canon Law, Theology and Theology Section in Tarnow, and  within interdepartmental Institutes of Bioethics and in Centre for Research on Thought of John Paul II.
A unique aspect of the University is the importance it places on faith and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church in connection with modernity and in a friendly atmosphere.
Studying in the heart of Krakow is a unique opportunity for its students to have close contact with culture and science in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and a guarantee of both spiritual and intellectual development. The Unioversity offers classes in small groups, which are conducive to good relations between students and lecturers, and treating each person individually.
They hope that in the future the Pontifical University will play a role in preserving the European identity by strengthening relations between science and faith in the spirit of the encyclical Fides et ratio and reminding us about the Christian roots of the European culture.

Academy of Physical Education: Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im. B. Czecha
Established in 1950. About 4,500 students.
Address 78 Jana Pawla II Av. phone (+48) 126485222
rector’s phone (+48) 126485005
Foreign cooperation phone (+48) 126484430

Arts academies /state schools/

Academy of Fine Arts: Akademia Sztuk Pieknych im. Jana Matejki
address 13 Matejki Pl. phone (+48) 124221131
rector’s phone (+48) 124222450

Academy of Music: Akademia Muzyczna
address 43 Sw. Tomasza St. phone (+48) 124232081 or (+48) 124220455
fax 4222343 

State Higher Theater School: Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Teatralna im. L Solskiego
address 21 Straszewskiego St. phone (+48) 124225701
rector’s phone (+48) 124228196

Krakow's other institutions of higher education /uczelnie niepubliczne/

The following are mostly privately owned colleges providing higher learning. 

Krakowska Akademia im. Frycza Modrzewskiego 
/Krakow Academy/
Established in 2000. About 13,000 students.
Headquarters address: 1 Herlinga-Grudzinskiego street. Phone: (+48) 122524650 or 122524675.

Academia "Ignatianum" 
/Ignatium Academy/
Established in 1989. About 4,300 students.
Address: 26 Kopernika street. Phone: (+48) 124213155 or 124294416. 

Krakowska Wyzsza Szkola Promocji Zdrowia 
/Krakow Higher School of Health Promotion/ 
Address: 73 Krowoderska street. Phone: (+48)124233840.

Malopolska Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa 
/Malopolska Higher Vocational School/ 
Address: 3a Wybickiego street. Phone: (+48)126318611 or 126318612.

Nauczycielskie Kolegium Jezykow Obcych "Gama Bell" 
/Foreign Languages Teacher-Training College/. 
Address: 16 Sw. Krzyza street. Phone: (+48)124219722 or 124219755. Fax (+48)124217379. 

Nauczycielskie Kolegium Jezykow Obcych TWP 
/Foreign Languages Teacher-Training College/ 
Address: 12 Skrzyneckiego street. Phone: (+48)122667849.

Wyzsza Pedagogiczna Szkola Zawodowa im. Swietej Rodziny 
/Higher Vocational Pedagogical School/ 
Address: 13 Pedzichow street. Phone: (+48) 1263345 78. Fax (+48) 126335576.

Wyzsza Szkola Ekonomii i Informatyki 
/Higher School of Economics and Computer Science/ 
Address: 17 Sw. Filipa street. Phone: (+48) 124311890 or 126335004.

Wyzsza Szkola Europejska im. ks. Tischnera 
/Higher European School/ 
Address: 37 Kosciuszki street. Phone: (+48)124273598 or 124273594.

Wyzsza Szkola Handlowa 
/Higher Business School/ 
Address: 14 Smolensk street. Phone: (+48) 124229202 or 124291809 

Wyzsza Szkola Ubezpieczen 
/Higher School of Insurance/ 
Address: 37 Sw. Marka street. Phone: (+48) 124226468 or (+48) 124224594.

Wyzsza Szkola Zarzadzania i Bankowosci 
/Higher School of Management and Banking/ 
Address: 14 Kijowska street. Phone: (+48) 126386577 or (+48) 126383766. Fax (+48) 126373347.

Wyzsza Szkola Zarzadzania i Przedsiebiorczosci im. Janskiego 
/Higher School of Management and Enterprise/ 
Address: 9 Witosa street. Phone: (+48) 126545469 or 126544862 

Wyzsza Szkola Zarzadzania-The Polish Open University 
/Higher School of Management/ 
Address: 12 Glowackiego street. Phone: (+48) 126370710 or 126370535. 

Study in Krakow
It's a good place to complete or continue your studies. 

Education in Krakow

Jagiellonian Library
Poland's oldest library boasts 4.5 million volumes and its unique collection of medieval manuscripts and ancient books contains tens of thousands priceless items.

Krakow University
Poland’s oldest university with its 6,700 faculty and over 42,000 students is the country’s second largest institution of higher education and the best one.

Collegium Maius
15th-century impressive Grand College of the Krakow university where Copernicus once studied.

Krakow Old Town Historical District
Poland's prime tourist attraction and a must-see in Central Europe boasts numerous world-class monuments, charming vistas, delightful atmosphere, and the best restaurants.

Krakow mathematicians bench

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