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Maria Magdalena square in Krakow

Tips on health in Krakow

How to stay healthy in the city.


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Tips for the Business Visitor Coming to Krakow

a tip for Krakow visitors

In emergency dial 999 or 112 (cell phones) to call for the ambulance. The call is toll-free but do not expect anybody on the other end would speak good English though it's possible. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

Hospital emergency wards (or Szpitalny Oddzial Ratunkowy - SOR), help everybody who needs immediate medical care, including foreigners, without asking about a health insurance.
See the list of hospital emergency wards in Krakow 

a tip for Krakow visitors

Citizens of the European Union are entitled to the benefits of Poland’s universal health insurance as long as they can present either the E111 form issued in their respective countries or European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a replacement certificate. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

In practice, dental treatments in Krakow aren't covered by the universal health insurance. There is a number of dental clinics in the city that cater for emergencies 24/7.

a tip for Krakow visitors

If there is no emergency but you want to see doctor anyway, a private clinic seems the best option. They are abundant and fairly affordable for most foreign visitors. As a rule you can secure the appointment immediately, and the quality of medical services is – as a rule, again – much better than in the public health care. And it is fairly possible to find a specialist that speaks English since many studied or worked abroad. By the same token, there is no shortage of dental clinics and dentists practicing in Krakow.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Tap water in Poland is drinkable but hardly savory. Poland’s bottled water and soft drinks are OK and fruit juice (try black currant!) even better. Polish shops sell only pasteurized milk.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Food in Poland generally entails the same health hazards as in the rest of the European Union or in the USA.

Note: Every summer heatwaves hit Krakow time and again so take care to take the usual precautions. At the same time don't drink water from pumps in the central square as tourist often do: it's fresh and cold but it's unfit for drinking and can make you sick. Whereas the Krakow tap water is drinkable, the pumps draw untreated water from wells beneath the square which may be easily contaminated.

water pump in Rynek Glowny central square of Krakow, Poland

Healthcare in Krakow

Hospitals in Krakow

Dentists and dental treatment in Krakow 

Flu in Krakow

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