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Tips on local manners for Krakow visitors. 

What does it mean to have good manners in Krakow, Poland.


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a tip for Krakow visitors

Their international reputation notwithstanding, regular Polish gents generally no longer kiss women’s hands by way of greeting, albeit those eager to appear pretty gallant or old-fashioned still insist. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

Hugging and cheek kissing are usually reserved for close relatives of any gender and for close friends of the opposite sex.

a tip for Krakow visitors

In Poland a handshake means rather “talk is over” than “it is a deal”. In the first place, universal handshakes customarily begin and end every encounter. The rest is simple: the senior ones and women (in that order) extend their hand first, and the arrival reaches to those already present.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Politeness in Poland requires men to open doors for women and generally let them lead. The same applies to your seniors and guests of any sex. Yet gents should move to the front whenever passage seems difficult, e.g. through a crowd. If the entrance serves also for the exit, those entering a building or a shop first let out those trying to leave this very moment.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Flowers are very popular with Poles who give them on many occasions, notably birthday and name-day celebrations, weddings, and visits to Polish homes. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

Casual wear befits most social occasions, but dress up for evening entertainment, dining out, opera, theater. etc. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

 It is usual to say ‘smachnago’ (a Polish equivalent of 'bon appétit') before eating, and ‘na zdrowie’ (cheers) before drinking.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Any place save home and any time save merrymaking is good for talking business in Krakow. When eating out business is a legitimate topic before, during and after meal.

a tip for Krakow visitors

It is important to take business cards to business meetings and to give a card to each person present.

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