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Report on influenza in Krakow, Poland.

The swine flu isn't a topic of the mass media in Krakow any more and the illness itself has made little impact on the city to date. Possibly the increased public awareness has sufficed to prevent the outbreak of an epidemic.


Official data regarding the occurrence of flu in Krakow and Malopolska region.

Poland has instituted various precautionary measures to safeguard the country against the pandemic of flu caused by A/H1N1 strain of the virus. Among other steps, the authorities mandated that doctors report every suspicious case of influenza. Reported cases are tested for the A/H1N1 strain.

The spread of this season's common flu.      

As regards common influenza in Krakow this year there were 88,431 cases reported in the period between January 1st, 2016 and February 24th. 473 patients were hospitalized for flu and/or complications from it. In the corresponding period of the past year - i.e. January 1st to February 24th, 2015 - there had been nearly 96,000 known cases of seasonal flu in Krakow, 354 of them hospitalized. 

Kids prove most susceptible to influenza among the inhabitants of Krakow. In January and February 2016 some 18,000 of the Krakow children under 4 were diagnosed as having flu, and about 22,000 aged 5 to 14.  

Vaccination against flu in Krakow region. 

Year ago 3.5 percent of the entire population of the Malopolska region opted to be vaccinated against common flu compared to 5.2 percent in whole of Poland. Current figures concerning inoculation against flu haven’t been published yet.

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