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Abortive attempt at 2022 Winter Olympics in Krakow, Poland.

In the referendum on May 25, 2014 citizens of Krakow overwhelmingly voted against hosting the Winter Olympic Games in the city in 2022. The turnout was just 36 percent and 70 percent of the vote proved negative. In consequence the local government abandoned the project and decided to withdraw its bid for the 2022 Olympics.


Winter sports and Krakow.

Poland’s second biggest city doesn’t claim to be an winter sports destination per se. Nevertheless Krakow in some way is the gateway to the northernmost Carpathians, Poland’s Beskidy and Tatry mountains, dotted with ski resorts. And its winter sports credentials are as good - or better - as such Winter Olympics hosts as Italy’s Turin or Russia’s Sochi. At least Krakow’s native ice hockey team, Cracovia, has managed to be the country’s serial champions.

A bid for the Olympics, short story.

Krakow’s bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2022 had gained support of the Polish government together with required guarantees. Also the Slovakian government had backed the Krakow candidature as competition in some disciplines are planned to take place in Slovakia, namely the Jasna ski resort.

The rival applicants were originally Norway’s Oslo, Kazakhstan’s Almaty, Ukraine’s Lviv, China’s Beijing, and Sweden’s Stockholm. Stockholm has dropped its bid in January 2014.

Krakow Arena is the city's chief venue for sports events

Krakow Arena can seat some 15,000 at an ice hockey match.

Proposed locations of the Krakow Olympics
The opening and closing ceremonies were planned in the city of Krakow. Winter Olympic disciplines were supposed to be allocated among three areas called ‘zones’, two of them in Poland (Krakow Zone and Tatry-Zakopane Zone), and the third one in Slovakia (Tatry-Jasna Zone). Hockey tournaments as well as other ice disciplines - figure skating, speed skating, short track speed skating, and curling - would take place in the Krakow Zone as well as bobsleighs, luge, and skeleton (a brand-new sliding center being planned in the city of Myslenice 30 kilometers south of Krakow). Slovakia’s Tatry-Jasna Zone would get alpine skiing. Other sports would be competed in the Tatry-Zakopane Zone.

Accordingly, the participants would live in three Olympic Villages situated in Krakow, in the town of Zakopane, and in Slovakia’s town of Liptovsky Mikulas.

Wisla Krakow football arena viewed from the Blonia common

Wisla Krakow football arena next to the city's vast Blonia common may be turned into a venue for women's ice hockey.


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