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Poland's biggest indoor arena is in  Krakow.

Thanks to its maximum seating capacity of 18,000 or so, the Krakow Arena aka Tauron Arena easily surpasses in size any other indoor stadium in Poland and ranks among Europe’s largest venues of this type. It also beats other domes on other counts, such as novelty or versatility.

Krakow Arena is the city's chief venue for sports events

Krakow Arena can seat over fifteen thousand spectators at a volleyball match.

Krakow Arena was constructed in the years 2011 to 2014, at a cost of 363 million PLN (Polish zloty). Meant mainly as a venue for varied sporting events, it may actually host events of almost any kind from trade fairs to music concerts to congresses. Its seating capacity varies from 11,554 for track and field meetings to about 18,000 in the case of a boxing match and other events with a central stage. As regards basketball, volleyball, team handball, indoor football (futsal), ice hockey, tennis, sports gymnastics, etc. - the Krakow Arena can seat 15,328 spectators.

Early in 2015 the city's flagship sports venue has got the official sponsor and, in consequence, been renamed Tauron Arena Krakow .

Trade fairs may consist of 230 stands measuring 3 m x 3 m.

Organizing an event in the Krakow Arena isn’t cheap as renting it may cost to the tune of 100,000 PLN per day. 

A second, smaller dome abuts the Tauron Arena Krakow. With seating capacity of just 304, it’s meant mostly as a training hall or an auxiliary facility but may host minor events as well.

Location and accessibility of the Krakow Arena.

Tauron Arena Krakow is situated under five kilometers (three miles) to the east from the city’s central Old Town district. It’s equidistant from two thruways linking downtown with Nowa Huta area and a newly built four-lane artery connects the site with both.

The car park can accommodate 1342 vehicles.




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