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2012 Krakow Past News 

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Krakow news
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Archive News Stories of 2012 from Krakow Info

Year 2012 


Krakow Mourns Its Nobel-Winning Poet
Nobel literature winner, poetess Wislawa Szymborska, died of lung cancer in Krakow on February 1st, 2012. Born in 1923, she was permanently domiciled in Krakow since 1929 and later on worked for the city’s literary weekly. Ms Szymborska won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Literature as the forth Polish writer and the last one to date. In her last will and testament the famously shy and retiring poet wished to be cremated and laid to rest in her family tomb at Krakow’s Cmentarz Rakowicki cemetery without any religious ceremony.

Auschwitz Barracks Ensnared In a Washington Museum.

Polish government begs the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC to return the borrowed Auschwitz barracks to their rightful owner and the place they belong. In the late 1980s Poland lent the dreary wooden barracks together with other artifacts from the notorious Nazi death camp to the Washington museum. Now the twenty-year loan has expired but the museum refuses to give the barracks back to Auschwitz. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and its influential supporters argue that the barracks constitute the centerpiece of its applauded exhibition and without them it wouldn’t be the same. Different opinions about the proper place for the Auschwitz barracks is one thing. Another is the current Polish law which says that no museum piece may stay abroad longer than five years.

Euro 2012 Football in Krakow

The municipality of Krakow expects 200,000 football fans to visit the city in June 2012 owing to Euro 2012, the European football championships hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine. No matches are planned here but the reputation of Poland’s foremost tourist destination should suffice. Also, three most prominent national sides - the English, Dutchmen, and Italians - have made Krakow their base. The city tempts soccer enthusiasts with a Fan Zone for 30,000 with live transmissions of matches, eating places, pubs, souvenir stalls, playgrounds for kids, mini soccer pitches, beauty parlors, and a spa as well as toilets, first aid, and information booths.

Agnieszka Radwanska, the Superstar.

The WTA second best tennis player - as of mid-July, 2012 - has been Krakow’s top sporting hero for years already but her reaching this year’s final of the ladies’ singles at Wimbledon has made Agnieszka Radwanska the all-Poland idol. No Pole has won any Grand Slam title ever and 73 years elapsed since Ja-ja (or Jed though actually Jadwiga) Jedrzejowska, another native of Krakow, had got to a Grand Slam singles final last time. And now everybody in Poland hopes for a medal in tennis at the London Olympic Games this August; or better two as Miss Radwanska will probably play both singles and doubles, teamed up with her younger sister Urszula.
(tennis in Krakow)

The Krakow Dozen for London .

A dozen sportsmen and sportswomen from Krakow have qualified for this year’s Olympic Games at London. Two of them are tennis sisters Urszula and Agnieszka Radwanska. The remaining ten consist of three white-water kayakers, four track and field athletes, one judoka, one shooter, and one fencer. Only one of them, Radoslaw Zawrotniak, is already an Olympic medalist as a member of Poland’s squad that won silver in epee at Beijing. Yet at least six seemed good enough to thought realistically about winning a medal at London. Unfortunately the latest Wimbledon finalist Agnieszka Radwanska has disappointed her fans losing the very first match. In total, 216 Olympians represent Poland at the 2012 Olympic Games.

On the Site of Plaszow Concentration Camp: a Patch-Up

Maintenance works on the site of the Plaszow concentration camp in Krakow, long overdue, are scheduled for this autumn, i.e. September through November. Municipal corporation ZIKiT has planned mowing, uprooting of self-sown trees and bushes, waste removal, gravel footpaths, a fence on the boundary between the area and private properties, and five information boards at a cost of 425,000 Polish zloties, an equivalent of roughly euro 100,000. It’s a far cry from turning the place into an imaginative memorial - as envisioned in a stalled design of 2007 - to thousands of mostly Jewish victims who suffered here, and great many died, between 1942 and 1945. Yet at least there is hope that the place will stop to resemble an abandoned wasteland.


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