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Krakow's St. Norbert's convent dates back to the 12th century

Maps to be found on this website 

Download map of central Krakow with its attractions


Consider the following online maps for better orientation.

Map of the Old Town Historic District (73k) 

Krakow's historic area in a close-up: prime landmarks, distinct streets and squares with their names writ large. 

Map of Krakow's Kazimierz historic district (18k)

Area just south of the Old Town boasts many unique landmarks, is popular thanks to its former Jewish quarter and numerous lively nightspots. 

City of Krakow map (165k) 

Krakow districts, suburbs, city limits, arteries, streets, parks, rivers and reservoirs.

Driving Car in Krakow (123k) 

Pedestrian precinct and streets off limits to cars in downtown Krakow, parking zones and parking lots in the city center.

Map of the Main Roads in Krakow (49k) 

Main routes to, through, and out of Krakow.

Maps of public transport in Krakow (733k)
Bus routes, tram lines, night buses

Poland Map (91k) 

Poland's national borders, neighbors, main roads, cities, principal airports, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes.

Large Poland Map (190k) 

Poland's national borders, neighbors, main roads, cities, principal airports, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes - but everything much larger.

Malopolska Province Map (33k) 

Map of the province (one of Poland's 16) of which Krakow is capital, with the boundaries of the counties and their chief cities. Plus the province's essential data.

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Krakow Geography

Poland's prime tourist attraction and a must in Central Europe boasts numerous world-class monuments, charming vistas, delightful atmosphere, and the best restaurants.

In the proximity of Krakow
Krakow is Poland's tourist mecca, and also a gateway to many other must-see sites in the region.

nation, geography, climate, wildlife, visitors, currency.

Malopolska Province

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