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Krakow pilgrim guide

Pilgrimage guide to Krakow, Poland's spiritual stronghold.

Holy Krakow, A Pilgrimage Guide to the Heart of Christian Poland by Marek Strzala is a unique guide to Krakow, Poland.

Unlike other guidebooks, this one aims to satisfy the spiritual needs of visitors in the first place although the city’s other merits – historical, artistic, etc. – have been given due attention as well.

“Holy Krakow” is an indispensable companion guide for any Christian visitor to the city of John Paul II and numerous other saints. It contains

  • detailed information about all pilgrimage sites in Krakow,

  • descriptions of the city’s historic churches and other places of interest,

  • profiles of Krakow saints,

  • walking tours,

and much more.

Marek Strzala is writer and journalist living in Krakow. To date he has authored several books about the city.

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