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Climate in Krakow, Poland 

Krakow enjoys a temperate climate with features of both European marine west coast and more severe continental conditions of Eastern Europe. In other words, weather systems built over the Atlantic bring humid air masses, relatively cold in summer and warm in winter. Whereas dry continental air from the East produces hot summer days and frosty winter ones. And airflows from the Mediterranean and northern Africa result in summer heatwaves and pretty balmy weather in winter, while polar systems bring about chilly days in summer and severe frost in winter. So, even though daytime temperature highs hover around comfortable 20 Celsius (centigrade) most of the year save winter (when they are 0C more or less), there are also weeks of summer heat above 30C as well as winter frosts below minus 20C.

On the central square of the Old Town in Krakow, July 2012

Prolonged heat waves aren't unusual in summer Krakow, a mixed blessing for its residents. 

Krakow's Best and Worst Weather 

Christmas is mostly white in Krakow snow-clad usually from mid December to mid March. And “days are longest in June, hottest in July, and most beautiful in August” – an old Polish poem says. On the other hand, Krakow’s perfect springs fill the city with sweet-smelling blossoms from mid April through May. While the famed Polish “golden autumns” bring dry and warm weather amid rich colors of dying leaves from mid September to mid October or so. On November nights and mornings the city is often shrouded in mist. 

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sunshine in Krakow

Average sunshine in Krakow per one day, roughly: 

1 h 30 min. in January, 2 h in February, 3 h in March, 4 h 30 min. in April, 7 h 30 min. in May, 6 h in June, 7 h in July, 6 h in August, 3 h in September, 3 h in October, 1 h 30 min. in November, and 30 min. in December (but allow for short winter and long summer days).

temperatures in Krakow 

Average temperature in Krakow (daily highs): 

0C (33F) in January, 1C/35F in February, 7C/45F in March, 12C/54F in April, 17C/64F in May, 20C/69F in June, 21C/71F in July, 21C/71F in August, 17C/64F in September, 12C/55F in October, 5C/42F in November, 2C/36F in December.

rainfall in Krakow

Average monthly precipitation in Krakow: 

31 mm in January, 24 mm in February, 36 mm in March, 25 mm in April, 46 mm in May, 56 mm in June, 65 mm in July, 54 mm in August, 68 mm in September, 39 mm in October, 47 mm in November, 40 mm in December.

Krakow's average winds speed: 

14kph/9mph in Januaryand February, 16kph/10mph in March, 14kph/9mph in April, 12kph/8mph in May through September, 14kph/9mph in October and November, 16kph/10mph in December.

Average afternoon relative humidity in Krakow: 

82% in January, 76% in February, 66% in March, 58% in April, 58% in May, 61% in June, 60 in July, 61% in August, 67% in September, 71% in October, 82% in November, 84% in December.

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