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Cosmopolitan menu in Krakow's restaurants.
There is the world standard a traveled gourmet feels at home in. Krakow's restaurants happily satisfy the worldly tastes. 


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Rubinstein restaurant in Krakow, Poland

Rubinstein restaurant

International cuisine.
Address: 12 Szeroka street. Email 
Phone: (+48) 123840000
Upscale dining-out experience and unforgettable milieu meet reasonable prices. Located in a converted 15th-century building, the restaurant at Hotel Rubintein sits in the heart of historic Kazimierz, a few minutes walk from the Old Synagogue, Wawel Castle and the Main Square. The restaurant serves dishes from all over the world, while the “Winoteka" offers plenty of quality wine.


Wierzynek restaurant 
Polish cuisine. 
Meal for two without wine: about 55 euro
Address: Rynek Glowny 16 /Market Square/
Phone: +48 12 424 96 24, email 
The tradition of the Wierzynek brand dates back to 1364, when a wealthy merchant Nicolas Wierzynek hosted a splendid feast for the monarchs of Europe on behalf of the Polish King Casimir the Great. The feast took place in a historical tenement at the Main Market Square in Cracow, where today the legendary restaurant is located.
Wierzynek is the place for traditional Polish cuisine and courtly customs gourmets. This Krakow worldwide brand is associated with luxury and  sumptuousness, and the restaurant is distinguished as one of the thousand places in the world that you must visit before you die.
After 650 years of history our guests are still the most important for us. Wierzynek Restaurant is not just a legend – it is a story playing every day anew.

Eating the Krakow Way

Krakow restaurants
Krakow Restaurants

Krakow is Poland’s mecca of gourmets thanks to its many excellent restaurants.

Multicultural menu
French and Chinese, Italian and Breton, Mexican and Kurdish, African, Vietnamese, Indian, etc. Myriad Krakow restaurants cater to foreign tastes, are run by expats and employ exotic chefs.

Polish menu
Try traditional Polish cuisine in one of Krakow's choice restaurants. Ask for regional specialties of Krakow and the Malopolska province.

Budget restaurants
Dine out economically in one of Krakow's low-cost eateries.

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There are over 25,000 beds to choose from in Krakow.

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