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Painting of Krakow's Kleparz marketplace in 1930
Jozef Pankiewicz, the Polish postimpressionist painter of international renown in his lifetime (1866-1940) 
and friend of Pierre Bonnard's, lived mostly in France. He painted Krakow's Kleparz market c. 1930.

Art Galleries and Dealers in Krakow.

Poland’s museums exhibit art whereas art galleries allow you also to purchase it. Numerous Krakow art galleries sell mostly a wide selection of paintings, an assortment of prints and occasional sculptures. 

Art market in Krakow stay rather bullish. Prices for works of contemporary Polish artists, notably the younger ones, are still fairly competitive. Seeing that many of them have already managed to win international renown, there are chances some today’s bargains may turn tomorrow’s investments. 

In order to take abroad any work of art dated 1945 or earlier, one must obtain a permit from Polish authorities, and the same applies to the output of all deceased artists. Actually the restriction concerns all objects old enough. Established art dealers may help in securing the export permit when necessary. 

Note: Smuggling an old work of art, an antique, or an ancient book may seem temptingly easy, notably within the EU. Still every year a number of foreigners learn the painful way that unauthorized sneaking of museum pieces is a crime in Poland.



List of art galleries in Krakow. 

"Artemis" Galeria Sztuki J. Gorka-Czarnecka Address: Poselska 15. Phone: (+48) 124220394.

"Bunkier Sztuki" Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej Address: pl. Szczepanski 3a. Phone: (+48) 124221052.

"D'Art Naife Gallery" Address: Jozefa 11. Phone: (+48) 124210637

Fejkiel Gallery. Address: Grodzka 65. Phone 4291553.

"Galeria F5" Ksiegarnia Fotograficzna Address: Wegierska 7. Phone: (+48) 124235932

"Galeria Dylag" Address: Tomasza 22. Phone: (+48) 124312521

"Galeria Gologorski"  Address: Grodzka 29. Phone: (+48) 124214419.

"Galeria Labirynt Nr 2" Address: Brzozowa 9. Phone (+48) 122926080. 

"Galeria m" Address: os. Zlotego Wieku 14. Phone: (+48) 126480886

"Galeria Miodowa" Address: Miodowa 9. 

"Galeria Rynek 29" Address: Rynek Glowny 29. 

"Galeria Rzezby B. Chromego" Address: Krancowa 4. Phone: (+48) 663851167.

"Galeria Szalom" S.C. Address: Jozefa 16. Phone: (+48) 124306505.

"Galeria ZPAF i S-ka" Address: Tomasza 24. 

Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej "Piano Nobile" Address: Rynek Glowny 33. Phone: (+48) 124225395.

"Galeria z Raczka" Sklep M. Grosse Address: Slawkowska 13-15. Phone: (+48) 124228941.

"Gallery" Rostworowski Dominik Address: sw. Jana 20/11. Phone: (+48) 124232151. 

Nova. Address: Kochanowskiego 10/12. Phone/fax (+48) 123972398. 

Olympia. Address: Jozefa 18. Phone: (+48) 603223008. 

Pauza. Adress: Florianska 18/5. 

Raven. Address: Brzozowa 7. Phone/fax (+48) 124311129.

"Pod Zlotym Lewkiem" Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej D. Frog-Gorecka. Address: Szewska 18. Phone: (+48) 124213537.

"Rekawka" Galeria. Address: Limanowskiego 13. Phone: (+48) 126563665.    

Starmach Gallery. Address: Wegierska 5. Phone: (+48) 126564915. 

Strefa A Address: Boguslawskiego 7/13. 

"Zderzak" Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej M. Tarabula. Address: Florianska 3. Phone: (+48) 124296743

2Swiaty. Address: Brzozowa 14. Phone (+48) 124295452. 


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Fine Arts in Krakow
Krakow Museums

Palace of Arts
Temple of Fine Arts from the turn of the 20th century.

Bunker of Arts
Bulwark of the newest art.

Shopping in Krakow
The city’s central
Old Town historic district, turned into a pedestrian precinct, teems with stores of all sorts.

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Izabela Chemielinska-Zbrozek: Beautiful Cellist

Painted to order 
portraits of children & women, 
still lifes, and landscapes. 
Izabela Chmielinska-Zbrozek's paintings grace homes in Poland, France, Sweden, Germany, Japan, and the USA. Her canvases delight with bright hues, glowing with serenity and warmth. 
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