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MDA central bus station of Krakow, Poland

The principal bus station of Krakow is conveniently situated in the city center, sitting next to Krakow Glowny central train station. Its name, MDA, is an acronym which stands for Malopolski Dworzec Autobusowy or ‘The Malopolska Bus Station’ (Malopolska being the southernmost province of Poland, with Krakow as its capital). The postal address of the MDA is 18 Bosacka street but nearly everybody accesses the MDA via Galeria Krakowska shopping mall and the underground train station: once in the mall, one should get to its subterranean level and at the northern end of the passage turn right, next continue straight ahead to exit at a roundabout (a traffic circle) with entry to the bus station on the right. The MDA station in Krakow has two levels of covered areas with multiple stands for long-distance buses so it’s crucial to know both the number of the departure stand and which floor it is. Opposite the downstairs departure area, across the traffic circle, there is a minibus station with minibuses leaving mostly for destinations in the proximity of Krakow but also for some places further afield such as the mountain resort of Zakopane


Public Transport in Krakow 

The station building contains ticket offices, information desk, fast-food joints, waiting rooms, luggage lockers, and toilets. The upstairs ticket offices are open 7 am to 7:45 pm while those downstairs open 5 am and close 9:30 pm. The main passenger waiting room stays open on weekdays 6 am to 10 pm. Otherwise, there is a night waiting room with toilets accessible 24-7. 


The MDA bus station constitutes part of Krakow’s vital transport hub situated in the city center and adjoining the Old Town historic district. Its key component is Krakow Glowny train station which also links the city’s central transport interchange with the Krakow Airport via shuttle trains. Multiple local bus and tram stops integrate the area with the Krakow municipal transport system. A minibus station provides connections to towns and villages in the Krakow region. Vast car parks on the roofs of the train station and the adjacent shopping mall offer a lot of space yet inadequate and congested roads as well as poor traffic organization often cause massive jams in the area.

Please note: English speakers may be somewhat confused by the Polish terminology as regards public transport by road so it’s good to remember that the Polish word ‘bus’ translates as minibus in English, whereas buses – the local ones as well as long-distance coaches – are called ‘autobus’ in Polish though some Poles use the word ‘autokar’ when they mean a tourist coach..

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Over four million visitors show up in Krakow every year. Many arrive by air, but most take advantage of the fact that Krakow lies at a major European road and rail junction.

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Poland's prime tourist attraction and a must-see in Central Europe boasts numerous world-class monuments, charming vistas, delightful atmosphere, and the best restaurants.

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Krakow is Poland's tourist mecca, and also a gateway to many other must-see sites in the region.

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