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  Online videos showing popular tracks of Tatra mountains.  

 Polish part of the Tatry Mountains contain some 250 kilometers of walking and hiking trails. Our videos aim at presenting the most popular of them as well as the most rewarding tracks of the Tatras. 

  • Dolina 5 Stawow Polskich (Valley of 5 Polish Ponds) from Palenica Bialczanska car park through Wielka Siklawa waterfall /3h10, 5h50 round trip/.

  • Zawrat from the mountain lodge in the Dolina 5 Stawow Polskich /1h45 one way, 3h round trip/. The track leads along the banks of five most scenic mountain lakes and next climbs, rather steeply, to the Zawrat pass on the main ridge of the High Tatra range where the famed Orla Perc (Eagle Path) trail runs. The first part of the trail to Zawrat is very easy, the second may be arduous but it's safe. 

  • Kopa Kondracka to Kasprowy Wierch /1h55 one way/ trail runs on the top of a lower arm of Tatry main ridge and is fairly easy to negotiate in summer conditions. Nevertheless it offers stunning vistas of both Polish and Slovakian peaks around and valleys beneath. The track links Kopa Kondracka summit (2005 meters above sea level) with the 1987-meters Kasprowy Wierch mountain, most popular for its cable car and demanding skiing slopes.

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