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Wawel Stone, the Chakra of Krakow 

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Wawel Royal Castle

Wawel chakram

Don’t expect a crowd of devotees of the occult Wawelchakra’ gathering on the splendid courtyard of the Krakow Royal Castle where the mysterious object is supposed to radiate its beneficial powers. Yet an observant visitor may often notice an individual or two (or more) who seem to idle for hours in the north-east arcade. In the past people used to lean against the wall of the western wing of the Renaissance castle directly above the basement spaces believed to contain the ‘Wawel chakram’. Now that fragment of the wall is fenced-off, sort of, with a warning notice posted. So the believers only touch the wall or just stand possibly close by to absorb the good cosmic energy that allegedly emanates from the chakra.


What is the Wawel chakra?

Its other Polish name kamien wawelski  translates as a ‘Wawel stone’ which suggests something solid. But neither the actual form nor the substance of the Wawel chakra have been definitely established. Some maintain it really is a stone placed in the foundations of the Wawel Castle. Other self-styled experts speculate that it may be some other material object. And the most sophisticated propose subtler concepts such as a whirl of energy or a concentration of power or an invisible tunnel to something. Anyway, despite efforts no evidence of any physical phenomenon have been found. So, evidently, the nature of the Wawel stone is purely spiritual, paranormal, and transcendental.


The theory behind the Wawel chakra.

There is an assumption that the Earth has seven special places quite like ‘force centers’ of the human body called chakras in the tantric and yogic teachings of Hinduism. Krakow, and specifically the Wawel Hill, is supposed to be one of those holy areas. Also Rome, Jerusalem, and Delhi are routinely awarded the same status. No consensus as regards the remaining three places on the list.

How it all started.

The origins of the tale have been traced to a newspaper story published in the mid-1930s. It reported that two mysterious gentlemen from India visited the Wawel Castle and were overly interested in an empty corner of the courtyard, which prompted guesswork. The story resurfaced in the 1980s. Soon the Wawel chakra (called czakram in Polish) has become famous in Krakow and Poland, its legend fanned by New Age fads. In the 21st century it began to wane. Recently such authorities as the Wawel museum management and the church has engaged in battling the chakram fallacy which may breathe new life into it.

Krakow in Poland

Wawel Hill
Wawel Hill in Krakow, the mecca of every Pole and a must for foreign tourists, is a microcosm of Polish history and culture.

Wawel Cathedral
Poland's impressive national shrine shelters plenty of superb church art.

Wawel Royal Castle
Home to three dynasties of Poland's monarchs. Its stately halls and exquisite chambers are filled with priceless art, best period furniture and rare ancient objects. The collection of the 16th-century monumental Flemish tapestries is matchless.

The matchless collection of 16th-century monumental Flemish tapestries.

Crown Treasury and Armory
The Crown Treasury shows Polish royal memorabilia, jewels and other precious items. The adjacent Armory displays 15th to 18th-century arms

Dragon's Den
Huge natural cavity inside the Wawel Hill is the legendary home of a legendary monster.


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