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  Krakow is famous for its holy places and numerous ancient churches.  

  • Skalka sanctuary, where St. Stanislaw suffered martyrdom in 1079 as the bishop of Krakow, has been his shrine since then. Rococo church of the 18th century adjoins a Renaissance monastery of the 17th century.      

  • Romanesque church of St. Andrew and the Baroque church of SS Peter and Paul stand side by side halfway Grodzka street. They date from the 11th and the 17th centuries respectively. 

  • St. Catherine's church at 7 Augustianska street and Skaleczna street, in the historic Kazimierz district, dates from 1363 and represents Krakow Gothic architecture. Adjoining medieval monastery boasts a beautiful cloister with fine frescos. 

  • Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in the Lagiewniki neighborhood of Krakow is one of Europe's most popular pilgrimage destinations. 

  • St. Mary's basilica (Kosciol Mariacki) overlooks Rynek Glowny, the central square of Krakow. Actually, it's dedicated to the Assumption. The Gothic church dates from the end of the 13th century and is rich in masterpieces such as the famous Veit Stoss altarpiece of 1489.     

  • The Holy Cross church at Plac Sw. Ducha square and Swietego Krzyza street dates back to circa 1300.  

  • St. Adalbert's church (Kosciol Sw. Wojciecha) on the Old Town's vast central square dates back to the 10th century. It's probably Krakow's oldest church, the Baroque facelift masking the original Romanesque architecture. 

  • John Paul II sanctuary, situated in the Lagiewniki neighborhood close to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, is the foremost shrine to the saint Pope and once the Krakow archbishop. Its heart is a chapel with the central altar which contains a glass case displaying the blood of John Paul II. 

  • Convent of Poor Clares at 56 Grodzka street has adjoined St. Andrew's church since 1318. From the 1610 on it has stayed in the shadow of the massive church of SS. Peter and Paul.

  • St. Benedict's church was built in the 13th century on one of the hills overlooking Krakow.       

  • Basilica of the Holy Trinity at 12 Stolarska street and Dominkanska street was built by the Black Friars in the 13th century together with the adjacent monastery.  

  • Corpus Christi church at 26 Bozego Ciala street and Sw. Wawrzynca street, in the middle of Kazimierz which was a separate city to become a downtown district of Krakow, dates from circa 1340. The adjoining monastery dates back to 1405.

  • Franciscan monastery at 4 Franciszkanska street and Plac Wszystkich Swietych boasts the 15th-century cloister, open to the public. It's cavernous, quiet interior shelters Renaissance and Baroque frescos and sculptures. 

  • Archbishop Plalace at 3 Franciszkanska street was the Krakow home of John Paul II, then Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, prior to his ascension to the papacy. The Krakow bishops' palace is situated opposite the Franciscan monastery and St. Francis church. It dates back to the 13th century but its current form results from the 17th-century rebuilding. 

In pursuit of authenticity we leave our Krakow videos unedited with the original footage intact, including the background noise.  


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