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Krakow’s Old Town central district

Tips, Hints & Clues for Visitors to Krakow

Tips are welcome throughout the tourist service sector. Yet in Krakow only waiters rightly expect extra payment, i.e. roughly one tenth above the charged sum, in appreciation of satisfactory service. Simply leave cash on the table or round up the bill, saying “Raeshty nye chaeba” (“Keep the rest”). 


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More tips on tips 
Pretty few people look out for some spare change in reward for their services in Krakow. Still, there are some that badly do. 
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Whom, when, and how to tip in Krakow


Communication tips
Secure a chip card for public phones. You can still buy a new SIM card or a prepaid GSM system but you need to register with the mobile network operator at a branch office in order to make them operational. 
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How to get and stay in touch when in Krakow


Safety tips
Safeguard your car well against theft and even then do not leave it in remote places for very long. 
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How to be on the safe side in Krakow


Transport tips
Leave your car at the hotel parking lot and take bus or taxi instead – driving after drinking as little as one beer is a criminal offense in Poland. 
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How to move around in Krakow


Health tips
It is fairly possible to find an English-speaking doctor in Krakow since many studied or worked abroad. 
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How to stay healthy in Krakow


Tips on manners
In Poland a handshake means rather “the talk is over” than “it is a deal”.
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What does it mean to have good manners in Krakow


Tips for the Business Visitor Coming to Krakow

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