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Cloth Hall in Krakow, a Renaissance shopping center, in the late 19th century
16th-century Renaissance Cloth Hall amid Krakow's central
Grand Square shelters numerous stalls with souvenirs of every kind.

Gift Ideas in Krakow

Krakow souvenirs trade concentrates at the focal Grand Square (‘Rynek Glowny’), notably in its central 16th-century Renaissance Cloth Hall ('Sukiennice') where countless stalls and novelty shops sell a wide assortment of gifts and keepsakes. It is positively the buyers’ market and supply closely matches demand from Krakow visitors, even if some merchandise, e.g. Soviet memorabilia, may seem out of place. And please note that better deals usually are to be found in gift shops situated beyond the central square.  

What are the traditional souvenirs of Krakow?  

Customary Krakow souvenirs have included for decades: dolls clad in the Krakow region’s characteristic folk costume, the costume itself or just its single items (e.g. heavy strings of red coral beads, male four-corner red cap with a peacock tail plume), peacock tail feathers, gingerbread hearts with multicolor icing, and miniature replicas of the famous wooden Wawel Heads.

Gifts most popular with visitors to Krakow. 

Foreigners usually snap up such trophies as carved chess sets, amber jewelry, replicas of the Polish ancient weapons, wicker baskets, and views of Krakow landmarks (paintings, prints, embossments, etc.) besides various bric-a-brac.

Krakow Christmas crib

Krakow szopka nativity scene

Krakow's quality souvenirs. 

Choosier shoppers should look for articles of folk handicraft, such as needlework, pottery, wooden toys, metal-works or colorful blankets; as well as works of village artists, mostly pious sculptures. Those bent on something very Krakow-like may opt for a miniature version of the famous Krakow szopka nativity scenes.

At the same time genuine works of contemporary art are true bargains in Poland and, who knows, a piece or two may turn an investment someday. 

Krakow's selected gift shops:

Any following information has been provided by respective establishments on their sole responsibility.

Ksiegarnia Muzyczna KURANT
Address: 36 Rynek Glowny (Main Market Square). Opening hours 9am to 7pm on weekdays, 10am to 3pm on Saturdays.
Perfect place for every music lover. Great selection of sheet music and books about music. The widest selection of classical and jazz CDs and DVDs. Most important titles from other genres such as folk, klezmer, ethnic, sung poetry and many others. All this combined with excellent service.
From very recently KURANT is also an art gallery with music themed paintings painted by recognized local artists.
Come and taste unique atmosphere of this place.
5 percent discount for 'krakow-info' readers.

Le Szapo hat shop in Krakow. Poland

Le Szapo Hat Shop

is inviting people to discover original and classic hats in a vintage atmosphere.
The shop is located at 18 Dluga street, close to Barbakan/Florianska, and its decoration will help you to stay longer and try all the hats! If you're lucky, you will feel the magic and find the one which is waiting for you... Ready to take your time? The owners, Karolina the Polish and Boris the French, invite you for a tea or coffee in a small bar. You like vinyls? Let's play one of them on the old gramophone of Boris's grandpa.
Ten brands are present in the shop, dealing with French designers like «Le Béret Francais», Polish creators such as Paris+Hendzel or famous hat companies like Stetson or Bailey.
Also, you can check our online shop 
Hope to see you in Le Szapo Hat Shop.

Souvenirs - Pamiatki
Address: Grodzka 33. Fine place at the Royal Road where one finds wide range of Krakow souvenirs and articles of applied art besides such visitor necessities as guidebooks, maps, and postcards. The place’s specialty is huge selection is of Angels – of wood, plaster, clay, metal, glass, salt pulp. Souvenirs made in Krakow. T-shirts, dolls in traditional costumes, pottery, hand-painted plates, Krakow shawls, ceramic figurines of Krakow's symbol - the Wawel dragon. Polish Christmas and Easter decorations, hand-painted Christmas-tree baubles, amber gifts.
Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekends.

Shopping in Krakow

The city’s central Old Town historic district, turned into a pedestrian precinct, teems with stores of all sorts.

Buying amber in Krakow

Folk Art Fair in Krakow

Seasonal markets in Krakow

Krakow Galleries 

Enrich yourself with a first-rate work of art at a very reasonable price.

Krakow Foodstuffs
Tips on getting Krakow's bread and butter as well as other dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, etc.

Buying real estate in Krakow
You can still get property cheap in Krakow. But with a couple of million euro you may have a centuries-old palace.

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