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A virtual sightseeing tour of Krakow, Poland. 

Wawel Royal Castle
Home to three dynasties of Poland's monarchs. Its stately halls and
exquisite chambers are filled with priceless art, best period furniture and rare ancient objects.

Wawel Hill, Krakow's Acropolis

Wawel Cathedral
Poland's impressive national shrine shelters plenty of superb church art. Among its 18
chapels are true architectural masterpieces. The giant bell Zygmunt of 1520 ranks with the world's largest. Most Polish kings and their family members are buried in the cathedral, its chapels and crypts, together with the greatest national heroes, two poets, four saints and numerous bishops.

King Wladislaw's tomb in Krakow's cathedral

Basilica of the Virgin Mary's
The immense Gothic church, Krakow's principal temple since the 13th century, shelters the world's
greatest Gothic sculpture among its many excellent works of art.

Krakow's basilica of the Virgin Mary at the Rynek Glowny grand square

Cloth Hall
The world's oldest shopping mall has been in business for 700 years. The present Renaissance edifice dates from 1555.

Town Hall Tower
Krakow's leaning tower was built by the end of the 13th century.

Cloth Hall stands in the middle of Krakow's central square

City Walls
700-year-old main city gate with adjoining mighty walls and towers.

Great Barbican
Awesome 500-year-old unmatched masterpiece of medieval military engineering.

Planty Garden Ring
Park of 30 varied gardens among old trees round Krakow's Old Town historical district.

Krakow's medieval barbican

Skalka Sanctuary
Poland’s second holiest shrine at the site of St. Stanislaw’s 1079 martyrdom. A splendid Baroque church and fine monastery modeled on a Renaissance castle.

St. Norbert's Convent
The vast fortified complex on the Vistula river is home to Krakow’s once powerful Premonstratensian Sisters since the 12th century.

Krakow's Skalka sanctuary, one of Poland's most sacred places

Tyniec Abbey
Krakow's hilltop Benedictine monastery-fortress dates from the 11th century.

Bielany Monastery
Magnificent 17th-century Baroque hermitage complex atop the Silver Mountain hovers over Krakow.

Mogila Abbey
Krakow's Cistercian Abbey of Mogila, founded in 1225, has left a lasting imprint on the Polish history.

Tyniec Abbey, Krakow's Benedictine stronghold

The Wieliczka Salt Mine
Millions of visitors, the crowned heads and such celebrities as Goethe and Sarah Bernhardt among them, have enthused over that subterranean world of labyrinthine passages, giant caverns, underground lakes and chapels with sculptures in the crystalline salt and rich ornamentation carved in the salt rock. The last 900 years, when the Wieliczka Salt Mine has been worked, produced 200 kilometers of passages as well as 2,040 caverns of varied size.

St. Kinga chapel in the Wieliczka salt mine

Collegium Maius
15th-century impressive Grand College of the Krakow university where Copernicus once studied.

Kanonicza Street
The most beautiful of Europe's ancient streets, arguably.

Collegium Maius in Krakow

Jewish Quarter
Kazimierz Jewish historic quarter of Krakow was the safe haven for Jews from every corner of Europe till the 20th century and a major center of the Diaspora.

Krakow Synagogues
Seven of the historic Kazimierz synagogues date from the 16th, the 17th, and the 18th centuries. 

Krakow's Old Synagogue at the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz historic district 

Krakow's Renaissance Old Synagogue, in the Kazimerz historic district, dates back to 1570. 

Krakow tours

Krakow's UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Krakow Attractions
Krakow, Poland's prime tourist attraction and a must in Central Europe, boasts numerous world-class monuments, charming vistas, delightful atmosphere, and the best restaurants.

 the sanctuary of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, one of the UNESCO world heritage sites
Sanctuary of Kalawria Zabrzydowska, dates from the early 17th century and is Europe's largest Calvary complex. 

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