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Stay Safe in Krakow 

Poland is generally safer than most European countries, east or west. And Krakow is safer than other major cities in Poland. Certainly, even without asking for it one may get into trouble when in the wrong place in the wrong time and, above all, with the wrong people. Yet mere common sense plus just elementary precautions should suffice to keep a visitor perfectly safe in Krakow. Unfortunately, petty crime seems quite common in the city. Whereas mugging remains sporadic, pilfering is rampant. Although foreign visitors most often fall victim to pickpockets, it is the less prevalent and declining car theft that appears the worst plague in Poland, Krakow being no exception.


Krakow's emergency numbers. 

The emergency phone number for integrated services is 112, the police 997, fire brigade 998, and ambulance 999 – all four are toll-free. Unfortunately, there are little chances that anybody on the other end would speak English. So, if you do not speak Polish, get somebody who does (surprisingly many Krakow natives prove very helpful in need). Police stations do not employ interpreters, but they will bring one from the Krakow headquarters if necessary. 


Hospital emergency wards in Krakow. 

The following Krakow hospitals run around-the-clock, that is 24/7, emergency wards (called Szpitalny Oddzial Ratunkowy - SOR): 

  • Szpital im. Gabriela Narutowicza at 35-37 Pradnicka street, phone 124162436

  • Szpital im. Ludwika Rydygiera at 1 os. Zlotej Jesieni, phone 126468000

  • Szpital im. Stefana Zeromskiego at 66 os. Na Skarpie, phone 126440144

  • Wojskowy Szpital Kliniczny at 1-3 Wroclawska street, phone 126308162 

  • Zaklad Opieki Zdrowotnej MSWiA at 25 Kronikarza Galla street, phone 123674205

The emergency wards are mandated to help all those who need immediate medical care, no matter if they are the locals or foreigners, with or without valid health insurance. Sure, eventually the cost have to be covered, one way or another. Yet medical help is provided free of charge in case of actual emergencies such as accidents, fires, heart attacks, fractures, food poisoning, etc. 

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Law and order in Krakow. 

Two kinds of police force are seen on the beat in Krakow - the state police officers and municipal guards. State police, Policja, is Poland's nationwide law-enforcement organization responsible to the central government. It's the country's principal agency for fighting crime. Krakow's municipal guard, Straz Miejska, is a policing arm of the local government. It has limited powers and its officers largely deal with minor offences such as smoking at bus stops.

Emergency numbers for foreign visitors to Poland. 

Poland’s state police have launched a phone service in English and German for foreign visitors. Call toll-free 0800 200300 to get info on the country’s public safety, safe travel, and to ask help if necessary. Those roaming with foreign-based cell phones should dial +48 22 6015555 instead. The service is available round the week from 8 a.m. till midnight. 

Security Tips

  • Carry your money, credit cards and passport in a money belt or in a safe and grip firmly the handbag if it is precious to you.
  • Beware of pickpockets in any crowded place but notably in the airport, railroad stations, bus stops, shops, and on public transport.
  • Watch your luggage closely in the train, bus, streetcar, and in the airport, railroad station, bus depot, etc.
  • Traveling by rail avoid noisy company as well as empty carriages or compartments.
  • Do not accept drinks from a stranger’s supply, notably alcoholic and especially on a long journey by train.
  • Do not leave your drinks unattended at nightclubs.
  • Do not make friends in the street.
  • In the night keep to well lit streets.
  • Whatever the bargain, do not buy any valuable goods, notably gold, in the street.
  • Safeguard your car well against theft and even then do not leave it in remote places for very long.
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