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Tour of the Grand Square of Krakow 

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Krakow's Rynek Glowny grand square

Round the Rynek Glowny Central Square of Krakow's Old Town.  

All Krakow roads lead to the city’s central Grand Square (Rynek Glowny) which proves to be one of its greatest attractions for the residents and the visitors alike. 


The 13th-century Gothic basilica of the Virgin Mary’s (Bazylika Mariacka) towers above the huge plaza. It’s a must to enter and see Veit Stoss’ great altarpiece, the 15th-century masterpiece of monumental sculpture. The smaller 1338  St. Barbara’s church right behind the basilica used to be a mortuary first. 

Farther clockwise round the Grand Square, at the Sienna Street corner, one finds a large gray building (Szara Kamienica) dating back to the 13th century which got its Renaissance form in the 16th century. The adjacent house of 1561 at 7 Grand Square served as Poland’s first post office in the 16th and the 17th centuries. The 16th-century house at no. 9 is topped with an ornate 9-meter attic with relief statues of circa 1560. The first pharmacy in the House Under a Golden Head at no. 13, now turned into a shopping arcade, opened in 1408. 

The ground floor of the stately Hetmanska building at 17 Grand Square contains one of Krakow’s oldest interiors, the 14th-century Gothic great hall (now a restaurant). 

The 1718 fresco Madonna adorns the front of the 16-century House Under Picture at no. 19. It adjoins an aristocratic palace at no. 20 of the 16th-century Renaissance turned the 17th-century Baroque and neo-classic since 1783 with a Louis XVI facade.

churches on the central square of Krakow 

More nobility palaces one finds on the Grand Square’s western side at no. 27 (Pod Baranami), no. 30, no. 34, and no. 35 (Palac Pod Krzysztoforami, i.e. “Under St. Christopher”). The first one dates back to the 16th century and was thoroughly rebuilt in 1860 (its cellar is home to the cult Pod Baranami cabaret company since 1956). The last one was erected in 1640 as an opulent Baroque residence of the 17th-century richest Polish aristocrat and now it shelters the City of Krakow Historical Museum

street cafe at Krakow's central square

The ground floor cafe at 38 Rynek Glowny grand square, on its northern side, was established in 1832 and remains the city’s oldest. The corner house at no. 42 was build as the 16th-century Renaissance palatial residence for one Jan Boner, a patrician banker of three Polish kings, and rebuilt as a neo-renaissance bourgeois residence house in 1878. The 16th-century House Under Eagle (Pod Orlem) at 45 Grand Square boasts a rare gothic-renaissance facade of red brick. The ornate rococo facade of the last building in the row, the Margrave’s House (Kamienica Margrabska), dates back to the 18th century.

Restaurants near the Krakow Rynek central square. 

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ALBERTINA Restaurant & Wine in Krakow, Poland

Albertina Restaurant & Wine 
Polish cuisine with Mediterranean twist. 
Address: ul. Dominikanska 3, 31-043 Krakow (located in the center on the corner of Dominikanska and Poselska streets).
Phone: +48 123334110, mobile + 48 570136720, Website

Albertina is an exceptional place on the culinary map of Krakow. The restaurant, located in the center of the Old Town, tempts with a unique character of its decor, carefully prepared menu, and excellent wine selection from all over the world. Albertina combines Polish cuisine in modern form, based on seasonal menu and local products, with Mediterranean inspirations, e.g. fresh lobsters and oysters from its own lobster tank (the only one in the entire Krakow). Also, Albertina can boast Poland's only Enomatic system of self-service wine dispensers, with a superb range of 32 wines to buy by the glass.

Stodola restaurant in Krakow, Poland

Polish cuisine.
We cordially invite you to our restaurant located in the heart of Krakow’s old town. The unique atmosphere, unforgettable style, and true quality have been appreciated by our satisfied guests. Our menu is rich and varied, you can choose from tasty meals, good beer, and delicious drinks. The chef’s specialty is game. By visiting us you will be convinced that “Stodola 47” is an excellent venue for a meeting with friends and family as well as any event such as wedding, birthday parties, etc. Our restaurant can accommodate up to 90 persons and is open from noon. Visit us and enjoy.

Address: ul. Florianska 47
Phone: (+48) 122924925

Grand Square
Krakow’s central Grand Square, the largest plaza of medieval Europe and one of the world’s finest with its spectacular landmarks, has remained the hub of the city since the 13th century. Krakow residents and visitors come here to meet each other, to do business, to shop, and to enjoy themselves.

inside St. Mary's church in Krakow
Basilica of the Virgin Mary's
The immense Gothic church, Krakow's principal temple since the 13th century, shelters the world's greatest Gothic sculpture among its many excellent works of art.

Cloth Hall in Krakow
Cloth Hall
The world's oldest shopping mall has been in business for 700 years. The present Renaissance edifice dates from 1555.

Town Hall Tower
Krakow's leaning tower was built by the end of the 13th century.

The Crown
Royal giant headdress tops the city of Krakow since 1666

Signal Trump
Hourly musical show in the sky dates from the Middle Ages

Krakow walks
The best way to enjoy old Krakow is afoot.

Stroll through Krakow's Kazimierz District

Stroll Up the Royal Road

In the footsteps of Pope John Paul II


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