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Krakow by Night 

There is no shortage of places to drink, eat, and stay merry late into the night in Krakow. Notably, the huge central Grand Square in the heart of the historic Old Town district and its environs look like they never sleep, at least most of the year save winter. And recently trendy new hangouts are launched also in the nearby Kazimierz quarter almost by the week.

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Nightclubs in Krakow  

Krakow boasts a lively club scene. The party goes on week long, but – no doubts about it – the Friday and Saturday nights tend to be hottest in the city's countless nightspots. As elsewhere, on weekends Krakow’s young professionals, expats, students, and visitors mingle happily in crowds that pack bars, discotheques, cafes, and restaurants in vogue at the moment. Loyal patrons happen but most club-goers wander from place to place. 

Diverse nightspots of Krakow. 

Local clubs are not large, few can seat more than 100. Recorded music is the staple, with live performances two or three nights a week. The biggest concentration of varied nightspots is in the central Old Town historic district, followed by the nearby Kazimierz area, though some best clubs may be found also in other parts of the city. 

Gay-only clubs are a rarity as proprietors seek the hetero patronage as well so they prefer to be labeled as gay-friendly instead. 

Also, the Krakow nightlife may disappoint fans of go-go dancers, striptease, lap dancing, and similar entertainment as it is currently out of fashion here and even karaoke upstages flesh in the city's clubs. 

Krakow's music clubs. 

The city’s myriad live entertainment venues cater to all tastes and generations. Sure thing, those in their twenties to thirty-something are best served and most places offer contemporary club music. Some Krakow DJs attained local fame, while club celebrities from other parts of Poland and from abroad spin occasionally in the city. 

On the other hand, jazz seems surprisingly popular. Also, there are hangouts for the fans of rock, modern pop, ballads, hip-hop, etc. The roots music, inspired by varied traditions of this part of Europe, has a niche of its own. Seniors, too, have their places of choice to enjoy themselves with immortal evergreens. 

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Dining guide to good Restaurants in Krakow

Krakow has always been Poland’s gourmet Mecca. And the recent decade brought about a genuine restaurant explosion all over the city owing to the hectic efforts of aspiring restaurateurs, native ones as well as immigrants. The Old Town historic district seems virtually stuffed with establishments catering to all kinds of diners. The bulk of Krakow restaurants close when the last customer leaves. 
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Krakow drinks - bars, pubs, etc. 
Krakow's cafes 
Krakow Cabaret 

The Krakow variety of cabaret mostly consists of the mixture of dramatic songs, either funny or romantic, and skits. Yet stand-up comedy gains popularity. 

Gambling in Krakow 

Krakow’s three casinos lure gamblers with roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines round the week from afternoon till the dawn next day. It’s perfectly legal as long as you are 18 or older. 
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Lodging guide to hotels and other accommodations in Krakow

Stag parties in Krakow

Krakow's Sselected nightclubs and bars 

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Harris Piano Jazz Bar 
Address: 28 Rynek Glowny (Grand Sq.) Phone: (+48) 124215741.
Everyday live music. Mondays, Wednesdays jam sessions. Blues concerts on Fridays.  

Krakow Carnival
It lasts from the New Year’s Eve till the Shrove Tuesday some two months later. The season is marked by feverish partying in Krakow’s numerous clubs on the one hand, and snobbish charity balls on the other.
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