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 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Krakow and in the Vicinity
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has listed four sites in the city of Krakow and in the Krakow region as the world heritage:

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Grand Square
Krakow's central square, the largest of medieval European cities, is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful plazas. It boasts a plethora of landmarks and myriad restaurants, clubs, and cafes.
Grand Square of Krakow
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The Wieliczka Salt Mine
Millions of visitors, the crowned heads and such celebrities as Goethe and Sarah Bernhardt among them, have enthused over that subterranean world of labyrinthine passages, giant caverns, underground lakes and chapels with sculptures in the crystalline salt and rich ornamentation carved in the salt rock. The last 900 years, when the Wieliczka Salt Mine has been worked, produced 200 kilometers of passages as well as 2,040 caverns of varied size.
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Lady with an Ermine
Prettiest Leonardo da Vinci
Krakow is one of just six places in the world that can boast a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. And of his three female portraits Krakow’s Lady with an ermine is arguably the most beautiful. 
More on Krakow's Leonardo

Kanonicza Street
Scenic Kanonicza Street used to constitute the last and most glorious part of the Royal Road, Krakow’s ceremonial route leading from the main city gate to the central square to the Royal Castle. Lined with stately, mostly Renaissance houses, it is arguably one of Europe’s finest streets. 
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The site of the Nazi notorious Auschwitz death camp is an hour’s drive from Krakow. About one million men, women and children of many nations perished here between June 1941 and January 1945.
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Ojcow National Park
Ojcow National Park
With its mere 21.5 sq. km it may be the smallest of Poland’s twenty national parks, but the Ojcow National Park ranks among the most attractive recreational areas in Europe, and it is just a 15 minutes’ drive–i.e. 24 km–northwest of Krakow.
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Window of awe 
The world’s arguably greatest modern stained-glass window, the powerful depiction of the Creation, shines above the entrance to the basilica of St. Francis’ since 1900.
More on the 'Creation' window

Wawel Hill
View of the Wawel Royal Castle 
Mecca of every Pole and a must for foreign tourists, the Wawel Hill is a microcosm of Polish history and culture. From the 11th century on Poland's monarchs took up their residence here in the
Royal Castle. And they were both crowned and buried here in the Wawel Cathedral. The place overflows with art treasures, architectural beauties, relics of the past and curiosities. It is also full of glory, magic, history and fable. 
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Veit Stoss altar
World's greatest medieval sculpture
The 42-foot-high and 36-foot-wide Veit Stoss' magnum opus is the largest Gothic sculpture in the world. It consists of 200 fine limewood sculptures treated with color and gold foil. The central part, with huge lifelike statues of the saints, depicts dramatically the Virgin Mary's Quietus among the Apostles. 
More on Stoss' altarpiece

Collegium Maius of the Krakow University
The Grand College, or Collegium Maius, the oldest college of Poland's oldest and best university, houses the University Museum now. It was rebuilt by the end of the 15th century as a splendid late-Gothic edifice around a vast courtyard with surrounding arcades and a well of 1517 in the center. Professors lived and worked upstairs, while lecturing downstairs. In the 1490s they had Copernicus among their students. 
More on the Collegium Maius

King Sigismund's chapel
Renaissance pearl 

The gold-plated dome of the Sigismund Chapel crowns the best example of Renaissance art and architecture with no match without Italy and few equals within. 
More on the Sigismund Chapel

Kazimierz Town
Now in Krakow's downtown, the ancient city of Kazimierz used to be its medieval rival. The area contains many landmarks and the former
Kazimierz Jewish Quarter, one of the main centers of Diaspora in the past. 
Go to  Krakow's Kazimierz District

Signal trump 
Every full hour a golden trumpet shows above Krakow’s central
Grand Square in the west window just below the spire of the higher, municipal tower of the Basilica of the Virgin Mary's
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