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Comprehensive information about Krakow, Poland: up to date, accurate, objective, and concise.

Krakow's Rynek Glowny grand square

Krakow Info is the complete online guide to Krakow, Poland’s prime attraction and the country’s second largest city. 

The website provides extensive information about all aspects of life in Krakow and comprises hundreds of web pages filled with original content. Also, the site serves as the city’s Internet portal with links to relevant resources on the Web.

The Krakow Info website has gone online in 2000 as the brainchild of journalist and writer Marek Strzala, columnist and author of several books as well as three guidebooks to Krakow, who has supervised its operations till now. The entire editorial staff is based in Krakow and consists of professional journalists. We sustain factual, unbiased information and cherish freedom of speech. Krakow Info maintains complete independence and has no ties whatsoever to the local government and its agencies or any organizations including businesses.


Most popular sections and web pages.

Guide to Krakow lodgings provides information about good hotels in Krakow as well as the city’s hostels, B&Bs and rental holiday apartments, plus handful hints.

Krakow sights

Section on Krakow food features a wide variety of restaurants in Krakow plus local recipes, eating habits, and the like.

Maria Magdalena square in Krakow

Web pages linked with travel to Krakow include timetables of flights, schedule of trains, Krakow airport information, and more.

Sightseeing guide provides detailed information about all major tourist attractions, including the Wawel Royal Castle and adjoining Wawel Cathedral, the city’s numerous museums, and the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Also tours of Krakow and day trips to such places as Auschwitz or the Tatry Mountains.

on the central square of Krakow

Krakow Business contains info about taxes in Poland, investing in Krakow, the city’s businesses, and much more. Plus a number of web pages dealing with real estate in Krakow flats and other property, realtors, etc. 

Krakow insights

Krakow Info is a mine of information about the city, rich in facts and figures regarding such basic data as geography, weather, history, local government, or money

Krakow insights

Also, Krakow Info website includes hundreds of online videos of Krakow which you can watch right away in your Internet browser.

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Look up Krakow events, updates, and whatever goes on in the city.

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