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The basics of investment in Krakow

Everybody is free to do business in Poland regardless of nationality, and only in the case of a handful of sectors deemed most sensitive to national security – i.e. more or less the worldwide standard medley from defense industry to TV – either there are certain restrictions or concessions are required. At the same time no industry is closed to private enterprise.

All companies incorporated in Poland, no matter who owns them, are equal before the law of the country. And the Polish competition law, the protection of intellectual property, bankruptcy law, etc. are nowadays up to the Western standards. 


Since Poland is a full member of the European Union the country's law incorporates all basic principles of the community and most of the EU directives. 

Taxes in Poland are usually lower than in other EU countries, except VAT that amounts to 23 percent on most commodities and services.  

Polish corporations can be owned altogether and run by foreign shareholders.

Full repatriation of capital as well as after-tax profits and dividend earnings is guaranteed.

Foreign investors may launch (or buy a share of) a limited liability company or a join stock company – with Polish partners or without. They may also establish a branch or a representative office of some their enterprise incorporated elsewhere. As regards branches, their scope of business is limited to the core business of the parent company and their registration is required, while they are subject to the same taxes as regular companies. 

Krakow's Rynek Glowny grand square

Rynek Glowny, central square at the heart of Krakow's Old Town historic district remains the city's social hub.

Tips for foreign investors: 

1. You need a lot of patience in dealings with bureaucracy – in Krakow as everywhere. 

2. A knowledgeable native helper with connections can prove pretty instrumental in cutting through the red tape.

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