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Take Care of Your Health in Krakow 

Krakow enjoys a well-deserved reputation of a leading center of medical sciences in Poland. Its Jagiellonian University’s School of Medicine, set up in the 14th century, is the country’s oldest and arguably the best one. And the university hospital ranks among Poland’s top health-care organizations, also owing to its extensive web of exchange programs that facilitate knowledge sharing and allow its doctors, surgeons, and dentists to study and practice in medical centers elsewhere in Europe and in the USA. The city’s other hospitals and numerous clinics do their best to keep abreast of modern medicine. And their equipment has been systematically modernized in recent years.


The Underlying Healthcare System 

As a rule, Poland’s residents are covered by universal health insurance that is mandatory for all those employed or self-employed and extends to their spouses and kids as well as to pensioners, people registered as unemployed, refugees, etc. Employers pay monthly premiums on behalf of their workforces. The state finances the health insurance of residents entitled to free medical services. Others may join the system voluntarily.


How Foreigners May Take Care of Their Health in Krakow 

Foreign visitors from the European Union enjoy the same benefits as Poland’s residents covered by the country’s universal health insurance when they can present either the E111 form issued in their respective countries or European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a replacement certificate. Other aliens are expected to pay for health care and medical procedures as well as dental treatments.

Krakow's Thriving Medical Profession 

At the same time, the Krakow dwellers who need the medical treatment or surgery or just specialist consultation and can afford it often prefer paid services of private clinics and health centers. And practically everybody turns to them for diagnostic services as the insurance-covered ones involve notoriously long waiting lists. 


Toll-free emergency phone number for integrated services - i.e. police, ambulance, and fire brigade - is 112. To call ambulance dial 999. But note, please, that dispatchers may speak no English. 

Hospital emergency wards, called Szpitalny Oddzial Ratunkowy - SOR, are obliged to help every person who turns up and needs immediate medical care, a native of Krakow as well as a foreigner, no matter whether he or she has the valid health insurance.  

The following Krakow hospitals run around-the-clock, that is 24/7, emergency wards (SORs): 

  • Szpital im. Gabriela Narutowicza at 35-37 Pradnicka street, phone 0124162436

  • Szpital im. Ludwika Rydygiera at 1 os. Zlotej Jesieni, phone 0126468000

  • Szpital im. Stefana Zeromskiego at 66 os. Na Skarpie, phone 0126440144

  • Wojskowy Szpital Kliniczny at 1-3 Wroclawska street, phone 0126308162 

  • Zaklad Opieki Zdrowotnej MSWiA at 25 Kronikarza Galla street, phone 0123674205

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