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The Town Hall Tower in Krakow

The 13th-century Gothic tower in the Grand Square is the only remnant of Krakow's medieval town hall.

Local Government of Krakow 

Poland has three-tier local government: province ‘wojewodztwo’, county ‘powiat’, and commune ‘gmina’; each level with its own representative council and an executive. Krakow is the capital of the Malopolska wojewodztwo, one of the most prominent provinces among the country’s sixteen. 

As in the case of other major Polish cities, Krakow’s local government is county and commune rolled into one municipality. The legislative City Council consists of 43 members chosen in popular ballot by way of proportional representation. The executive power lies with mayor (called ‘prezydent’) elected by citizens in a two-tier majority vote. Both the city council and the mayor serve five-year terms. 


The city's current powers 

In 2002 Krakow's citizens chose Professor Jacek Majchrowski as their first mayor ever voted in by popular ballot. In November 2006, in December 2010, in November 2014, and November 2018 they elected him for his second, third, fourth, and fifth term in the office respectively. 

Local elections on October 21st, 2018 have produced majority in the City Council in Krakow which consists of a coalition of the centrist Civic Platform party (Platforma Obywatelska - PO) and center-left Nowoczesna party plus supporters of the incumbent mayor. It  secured 23 seats in the 43-strong body. Their main opponents, the right-wing Law and Justice party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc – PiS) got 16 councilors, while the remaining four seats went to a failed mayoral candidate and his three supporters. 

The Krakow municipality has its headquarters in the city's Old Town historic district, in the 16th-century Renaissance Wielopolskich Palace, adjoining the basilica of St. Francis'.

Office address of the City President (mayor) as well as the City Council is: 3/4 Wszystkich Swietych Pl. 
Postal address: Urzad Miasta Krakowa, Pl. Wszystkich Swietych 3/4, 31-004 Krakow, Poland. 
Telephone number of the mayor's office is (+48) 126161398 and (+48) 126161350. 

Mayor's email address is 

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