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Krakow dances

Krakow, Poland's capital of clubbing, boasts energetic nightlife and a lively club scene. The party goes on week long, but – no doubts about it – the Friday and Saturday nights tend to be the hottest with hops all over the town. As elsewhere, on weekends Krakow’s young professionals, expats, and students mingle happily in crowds that pack bars, discotheques, and restaurants in vogue at the moment. Loyal patrons happen, but most club-goers wander from place to place encouraged by the high density of nightspots in Krakow's Old Town and Kazimierz central historic districts. 


Krakow's dancing underground 

On average, Krakow clubs are not large as they mostly occupy the vast cellars of historic buildings. Few of them can seat more than 100 and sweaty dance floors are the norm. Recorded music is the staple, with live performances two or three nights a week. Some Krakow DJs attain local fame, while club celebrities from other parts of Poland and from abroad spin occasionally in the city. 

Musical tastes 

Even as house music reigns supreme as the accompaniment to jigging in its clubs, Krakow's myriad live entertainment venues cater to all tastes and generations. Sure thing, those in their twenties to thirty-something are best served since most clubs offer contemporary pop music from disco to hip-hop to techno. Seniors, too, have their places of choice to enjoy themselves with immortal evergreens. 

Salsa has its addicts in Krakow. Also, the Irish tunes prove surprisingly popular with the locals. 
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Ballet in Krakow

Ballet performances are irregular except for several dance festivals that take place in Krakow every year. Visiting dance companies from Russia, USA, and Europe happen every month or two. Also, the Krakow Opera Company stages classical ballets and modern dance shows featuring its ballerinas and dancers. Plus, Krakow can boast an array of semi-professional and amateur modern dance companies and affiliated choreographers.

Ballet shows in Krakow 

Other dance shows

Historical dance, usually with elaborate choreography, takes over during Krakow's yearly Festival of Court Dance in August but otherwise sporadic performances also happen. 

Every year Krakow hosts several ballroom dancing tournaments. 

Flamenco shows take place at least once a month even if the original Spanish artists perform rarely and the Krakow ensembles substitute for them. 

Japanese butoh dancers sometimes perform in the Manggha Center

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Krakow's folk dances 

The archetypal dance of the Krakow region is krakowiak, known to foreigners as a cracovienne. Unfortunately, one can rarely see it in Krakow. Folk dances in Poland are faced with extinction and practiced solely by traditional folk ensembles, mostly amateur performers.  

Krakow Nightlife 
There is no shortage of places to drink, eat, and stay merry late into the night in Krakow. Notably, the huge central Grand Square in the heart of the historic Old Town district and its environs look like they never sleep, at least most of the year save winter. And recently trendy new hangouts are launched also in the nearby Kazimierz quarter almost by the month.

Krakow Restaurants 
Krakow has always been Poland’s gourmet Mecca. And the recent decade brought about a genuine restaurant explosion all over the city owing to the hectic efforts of aspiring restaurateurs, native ones as well as immigrants. The Old Town historic district seems virtually stuffed with establishments catering to all kinds of diners. The bulk of Krakow restaurants close when the last customer leaves. 

Krakow Carnival
It lasts from the New Year’s Eve till the Shrove Tuesday some two months later. The season is marked by feverish partying in Krakow’s numerous clubs on the one hand, and snobbish charity balls on the other.



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