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The most interesting curios in Krakow 

There are many things in Krakow one can find nowhere else in the world. And some of the city’s wonders are worth seeing at any rate.


Lady with an Ermine

The prettiest belle of Leonardo da Vinci 

Krakow is one of just six places in the world that can boast a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. And of his three female portraits Krakow’s Lady with an ermine is arguably the most beautiful


Veit Stoss Altar

World's greatest medieval sculpture 

The 42-foot-high and 36-foot-wide Veit Stoss' magnum opus is the largest Gothic sculpture in the world. It consists of 200 fine limewood sculptures treated with color and gold foil. The central part, with huge lifelike statues of the saints, depicts dramatically the Virgin Mary's Quietus among the Apostles.


Wieliczka mines near Krakow

Subterranean wonder world 

Subterranean world of labyrinthine passages, giant caverns, underground lakes and chapels with sculptures in the crystalline salt and rich ornamentation carved in the salt rock. Nine centuries of mining in Wieliczka produced a total of some 200 kilometers of passages as well as 2,040 caverns of varied size. 


King Sigismund's Chapel

Renaissance pearl 

The gold-plated dome of the Sigismund Chapel crowns the best example of Renaissance art and architecture with no match without Italy and few equals within.


Crown tower

8-foot golden crown 

The 81-meter-tall tower got its fabulous Gothic spire with eight turrets in 1478 after the last two stories had been added in 1408.


Krakow Christmas crib

Nativity beauties 

Krakow’s famous Christmas cribs: colorful, ingenious, richly decorated and brightly illuminated, can be 2-m-tall and 3-m-wide. 


Giant bell 

Giant Zygmunt bell is a third heavier and 350 years older than its famed London cousin, the Big Ben.


Window of awe 

The world’s arguably greatest modern stained-glass window, the powerful depiction of the Creation, shines above the entrance to the basilica of St. Francis’ since 1900. 


Signal trump 

Every full hour a golden trumpet shows above Krakow’s central Grand Square in the west window just below the spire of the higher, municipal tower of the Basilica of the Virgin Mary's.


Miraculous images 

Krakow’s churches shelter some 25 sacred images whose supernatural powers are well established.


Krakow mummies 

Bodies get mummified by themselves in the crypts of a picturesque Baroque complex of the Reformed-Franciscan monastery and the adjoining church of St. Casimir’s.


Swiatowit Idol 

Krakow boasts the world’s only known representation of a Slavonic deity. For some Slavic tribes Swiatowit (a.k.a. Swietowit, a.k.a. Svantevit) was the leading god of their pantheon, the one responsible for war and harvests. 

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