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Krakow, the City of Culture.


Krakow is Poland’s capital of culture. The city can boast the best museums in the country and some best theaters. It is home to one of the world’s oldest and most distinguished universities. It has a number of Poland's top writers, painters, and musicians among its residents. No wonder Krakow was named a European City of Culture in 2000. And since 2013 UNESCO has proclaimed Krakow the City of Literature.

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Krakow's Regular Culture Events
Over fifty culture festivals take place in Krakow every year. Some of them have been held for decades, some are relatively fresh calendar entries. Among the most prestigious such events count the
Festival of Polish Music, the Music in Old Krakow International Festival, the Krakow Film Festival, and the International Print Triennial.
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Krakow's music 
The city resounds with music of every kind. Its lively club scene is divided between hip-hop, house, funky, techno, traditional rock and still more traditional jazz. And demanding audience may choose among frequent concerts and recitals of classical music. 
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Krakow Theater
Krakow features prominently on the theater map of Europe. Its legendary National Stary Theater counts among the continent’s best companies of players. As the rest of the city's repertory theaters it runs several playhouses of varied capacity. 
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Opera in Krakow 
Krakow Opera House, built in 2008, contains three auditoriums that are the most popular venue for opera, operetta, and ballet shows in the city. 
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Lajkonik parade
Krakow Festivals
Hardly a month passes in Krakow without some time-honored occasion for common festivities or colorful ceremony. Krakow residents have their own unique way of celebrating
Christmas, carnival, Easter etc. The city is also famous in Poland for its many spectacular festivals unknown elsewhere, such as the wild Lajkonik parade (see the picture above). 
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Krakow Folk Traditions
Krakow region has always been rich in colorful folk traditions, handed down from generation to generation, with almost every village cultivating its own set of time-honored customs. Nowadays, as new lifestyles spread, some ancient practices are dead but many flourish. 
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Lady with an Ermine
Museums in Krakow
Krakow has the best collections in Poland, and some of its treasures are the envy of every museum in the world. 

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National Museum in Krakow
Poland's biggest museum and the country's oldest national museum. Its diverse collections total about 780,000 items in 10 branches, 11 galleries, 21 departments, and two libraries. 
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Princes Czartoryski Museum 
The Czartoryskis Museum dates back to 1801 and is Poland's oldest museum. It displays the country’s most valuable collections of art, ancient handicrafts, and memorabilia connected with historical figures. The museum is renowned for Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait ‘Lady with an Ermine’.
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Fine Arts in Krakow 
Visual arts have always been Krakow’s forte. Over centuries the city bred outstanding painters and sculptors or lured them to settle within its walls. 
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Krakow Art Galleries
Numerous Krakow art galleries sell a wide selection of paintings, an assortment of prints and occasionally sculptures. Prices for works of contemporary Polish artists, notably the younger ones, are still fairly competitive. 
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Krakow University
The Jagiellonian University, Poland’s oldest, with its 6,700 faculty and 42,000-plus students is the country’s second largest institution of higher education and the most distinguished one. 
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Jagiellonian Library
Poland's oldest library boasts five million volumes, while its unique collection of medieval manuscripts and ancient books contains tens of thousands priceless items.
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Cinema in Krakow
The city's multiplexes and other playhouses show Hollywood motion pictures as well as Polish films and other European productions including auteur movies. 
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Krakow is Poland's tourist mecca, and also a gateway to many other must-see sites in the region.

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