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ICE Krakow: International Conferencing and Entertainment Center

ICE Krakow Congress Center opposite the Wawel Royal Castle. 

Krakow, the conference city

The city’s rich cultural and social milieu, beauty of its central historical district, accessibility, good hotels, vibrant club scene, and profusion of restaurants and cafes makes Krakow superb location for congresses and conferences. No wonder every year plenty of various powwows, from cozy business meetings to academic seminars to tumultuous conventions, take place here. Their participants feel attracted to Krakow with its well-earned reputation of Poland’s premier tourist destination and one of Europe’s most interesting old cities. At the same time organizers also enjoy availability of specialist services such as interpreters, catering, technical support, etc. 


Conference facilities in Krakow

The city’s brand-new purpose-built ICE Krakow Congress Center is situated at 17 Konopnickiej street and Monte Cassino street, not far from the Wawel Royal Castle yet on the opposite bank of Wisla river. Its main Auditorium Hall can seat up to 2,100 people.

Since the opening of Krakow Arena at Lema street in 2014 - maximum seating capacity of 18,000 - there is no problem with handling attendance of more than a couple of thousand. Such large-scale events may be held also in other sports halls in Krakow, adapted for the task.

Auditorium Maximum of Krakow's Jagiellonian University
Centrally situated Auditorium Maximum of the Krakow university at 35 Krupnicza street may seat 1,200 and often doubles as a conference center.

Practically all upmarket and mid-range hotels in Krakow can boast their own conference facilities. Usually they are air-conditioned and well equipped. Some may seat even several hundred people although most are meant just for tens.

Krakow has a number of halls suitable for a larger assembly and often supplemented by a conference center providing services. Some are situated in the downtown although spacious conference facilities in the central Old Town historical district are few. On the other hand, theaters and the like double as conference spaces when required. All in all, in addition to the aforementioned ICE Krakow Congress Center and Krakow Arena, the city offers a choice of conveniently situated auditoriums with capacity adequate for gatherings of 200 to 1,000 or so.


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