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 Cloth Hall stands in the middle of Krakow's central square

Krakow's Cloth Hall, the Renaissance monument of commerce 

The world's arguably oldest shopping mall has been in business in the middle of Krakow's central Grand Square (Rynek Glowny) for 700 years. Circa 1300 a roof was put over two rows of stalls to form the first Sukiennice building Cloth Hall where the textile trade used to go on. It was extended into an imposing Gothic structure 108 meter long and eight meter wide in the second half of the 14th century. 


Refurbishment of Krakow's Cloth Hall 

After the 1555 fire the Cloth Hall was rebuilt as a splendid Renaissance edifice with an ornate roof adorned with grotesque masks by Santi Gucci. Also the picturesque stairs and galleries on both ends of the building date from the 16th century. 

During the 1875-1879 refurbishment the outside arcades and central transepts were added.  

National Museum in Krakow - Gallery of the 19th-Century Art in the Cloth Hall on Rynek Glowny central square
Krakow National Museum's Gallery of the 19th Century Polish Art in
the Cloth Hall (upstairs). 

Shopping center and art gallery 

Nowadays stalls on the ground floor and shops in the arcades mostly sell assorted souvenirs

Upstairs, since the 1880s the Krakow National Museum has exhibited its unparalleled collection of the 19-century Polish art, including Jan Matejko's famous movie-like giant paintings.   

One of two Cloth Hall's spacious cafes, the Noworolski’s on the east side, has been opened since 1910 when it got its present elegant Art Nouveau decor. 

The third cafe is situated upstairs on the premises of the National Museum in Krakow. It's smaller but it boasts a roof terrace overlooking the most scenic part of the Old Town's central square.     

Christmas market in Krakow

Krakow's month-long Christmas market takes place in the front of the Cloth Hall every December.  

Krakow's other landmarks of the Old Town central historical district

Wawel Royal Castle
Home to Poland's three dynasties, its fine halls and chambers feature old art, ancient furniture and stunning curios. 

Wawel Cathedral
Poland's national shrine is a mausoleum of the Polish royalty filled with superb church art and marvels such as the Zygmunt
giant bell of 1520. 

Basilica of the Virgin Mary's
The huge Gothic church of the 13th century can boast excellent church art including Veit Stoss' famous altarpiece, the world's
greatest Gothic sculpture

Town Hall Tower

Great Barbican
The 15th-century masterpiece of medieval fortification. 

Collegium Maius
Copernicus studied in the Krakow university's splendid Grand College of the 15th century .

Krakow, Poland

Grand Square
Krakow’s central Grand Square, the largest plaza of medieval Europe and one of the world’s finest with its spectacular landmarks, has remained the hub of the city since the 13th century. Krakow residents and visitors come here to meet each other, to do business, to shop, and to enjoy themselves.

The Crown
Royal giant headdress tops the city of Krakow since 1666

Signal Trump
Hourly musical show in the sky dates from the Middle Ages

A Stroll Round the Grand Square

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