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Going to the movies in Krakow 

Krakow can boast five multiplexes plus dozen or so playhouses with one to three theaters. 

The cinematic screens of the Krakow are mostly taken up by the Hollywood output. American film exports reach Krakow roughly on their release in the rest of Europe or a couple of weeks later at the utmost. Though domestic productions seem outnumbered by far, in the box-office terms some Polish blockbusters managed to out-gross the Hollywood competition easily. And the best European movies complement the plate. 


Foreign movies are usually showed in their original language with the Polish subtitles but dubbing happens, notably in the case of pictures meant for teenage audience, and it's common for cartoons and other children films.

Krakow film festivals

Since 1961 Krakow has been the scene of a major international festival of short film late in May. Another major film festival, Off Camera International Independent Cinema Festival - recently called Netia Off Camera Festival - has been launched in Krakow in 2008 to take place now yearly in early May. There is also a number of minor cinematic festivals every year, such as 'Etiuda&Anima' for students of filming schools in November.


On location in Krakow

Being a spectacular city Krakow is popular with filmmakers, both Polish and foreign, who often find here their ideal scenery. Yet to date the most famous movie ever shot in Krakow remains Steven Spielberg’s ‘Schindler’s List’ showered with seven Oscars in the 1993 round of the Academy Awards. Special sightseeing tours are organized to locations where the picture was shot but just visiting Schindler's Factory museum seems a pretty better deal.

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