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How to book a hotel room in Krakow.  

The city is one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations so little wonder hotels in Krakow are often overbooked in the high season and on holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and Easter. But even in low season - namely November and from January 15th through March 20th - it seems always prudent to make a room reservation as early as possible.


Unless you employ a competent tour operator, it’s advisable to book a room directly either by contacting the hotel in Krakow you want to stay at or via its web site. Various online booking services may look convenient and tempt with discounts but they often cannot deliver. Firstly, Krakow’s hotels cancel reservations when overbooked. Secondly, some web operations are just unreliable. Also, it’s usually possible to negotiate a better price without middlemen and their profit margins. 

When booking a room don't forget to inquire about additional services such as transportation from and to the Krakow airport or train station (some of hotels in the city operate their own car fleets for convenience of their guests).  

Please note that in the high season, i.e. April through October, Krakow’s hotel rates usually rise by 30 to 40 percent. 

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Over seven million visitors show up in Krakow every year. Many arrive by air, but most take advantage of the fact that Krakow lies at a major European road and rail junction.

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