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Public toilets in Krakow.

Answering a call of nature in a foreign place happens to be troublesome yet it shouldn’t bother Krakow visitors, at least most of them. Public lavatories are strategically positioned around the Old Town historic center of the city. Namely, they are situated underground on the perimeter of the Planty ring of gardens plus a central one in Rynek Glowny main square and yet another at Smocza street at the foot of the Wawel Hill and its Royal Castle.


The public toilets in the central square are placed under the Cloth Hall, with entry at the northern end of the building. As regards the subterranean lavatories at the Planty gardens, one is located beneath a kiosk at the end of Sienna street east of the central square. Another set of public restrooms sits southwest of the plaza, at Straszewskiego street, opposite the Radisson Blu hotel. To the northwest of the Rynek Glowny square there are underground lavatories at Reformacka street near the corner of Plac Szczepanski square.

In the Kazimierz historic area the public lavatories are situated in Plac Nowy square, under a kiosk in southeast corner, with entries on its both sides – for ladies to the left, for gents on the right hand.

Those public lavatories aren’t luxurious but passable even for fairly discerning people. There are separate sets of toilet cubicles for men and women, with separate entries. They are paid, and the rate for using a cubicle is 2 PLN while men should pay one zloty when they need an urinal only. One is supposed to pay the person in charge in advance and it’s advisable to have the right coin in readiness.

Unfortunately, the above-mentioned public restrooms are hardly accessible to people with physical disabilities who cannot climb down steep stairs.


Restrooms at tourist attractions in Krakow.

Practically all Krakow museums are equipped with public lavatories and they are they are free of charge though usually the users are supposed to have a museum ticket. Also many other of the city’s tourist sights - with the exception of churches - can boast public restrooms.

As regards the Wawel Hill where the Royal castle and the Krakow Cathedral sit, visitors don’t need tickets to use three easily accessible ground-floor toilets but they are paid (one needs a five-zloty coin to enter). One of the toilets is in the building of the ticket office while two other are located next to the Royal Castle: the first behind the gate across the arcaded courtyard and the second next to the entry to the Lost Wawel exhibition (opposite the golden-domed Sigismund Chapel).

The Krakow public toilets are commonly referred to as either WC or “Toalety” and inscribed accordingly. Usually there are separate restrooms for women and men, with doors marked with female and male silhouettes respectively (sometimes replaced with a circle and a triangle). Among the locals there is no tolerance for males using the women’s rooms and very little for females intruding into man’s facilities.

Bathrooms in other public spaces.

The usage of restrooms at restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. is generally reserved for their customers yet the facilities at fast food chains such as McDonald’s are often accessible to passers-by. Shopping centers obviously have public lavatories and they are free of charge. The same gas stations. Yet the public toilets at train stations and bus depots are paid.

At the same time visitors to Krakow should remember that relieving oneself in the street, in parks, etc. is not only disgusting but also a criminal offence in Poland, and it applies to everybody, also to stag parties.

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