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John Paul II Sanctuary in Krakow

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Krakow JPII Sanctuary 
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Krakow’s Saint John Paul II Sanctuary

Have No Fear! John Paul II Center in Krakow is destined to be the main shrine to the saintly Pope who led the Catholic Church into its third millenium and made an indelible mark on the world. The vast complex has been designed to accommodate a number of Catholic institutions, such as a Volunteerism Center and the Institute of John Paul II, as well as churches and chapels. The center is conveniently situated in close proximity to the famous Sanctuary of Divine Mercy

Krakow: altar with the relic of the blood of Pope John II

Central altar with the relic of John Paul II's blood in a glass case.

At the heart of the sanctuary of John Paul II

Even as the complex generally remains a busy construction site, it already attracts pilgrims. The chief magnet for them is an octagonal basement shrine to John Paul II known as the “lower church” of the sanctuary or the Church of the Relics (Kosciol Relikwi). Although windowless it looks cheerful thanks to bright lighting and pale decor with vividly-colored pictures depicting events from the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, namely his visits to the world’s most famous Marian sanctuaries. The centerpiece of the shrine is a rather simple marble altar in the middle that contains a phial with the relic of the blood of Saint John Paul II displayed in a glass case. 

Holy Mass is said in the church every day at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon, and 5 p.m. 

pilgrim guide to Krakow  Pilgrim's guide to Krakow

Visiting Krakow’s John Paul II Center 

The sanctuary of Saint John Paul II is situated in the Lagiewniki neighborhood of Krakow, some four kilometers south of the Old town historical center. It’s accessible on foot from the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy after a five minutes walk (motorists may use a sizable car park at the Divine Mercy Sanctuary). There are two access roads for cars, Herberta street from the east and Marcika street from the west (ul. Zakopianska throughway). 

Note: The footpath linking sanctuary of Saint John Paul II with the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy is inaccessible and off limits now, due to construction of a new traffic artery in the area.

GPS coordinates 50 0’ 52’’ N, 19 56’ 20’’ E. 

view of Pope John Paul II Sanctuary from the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow

Footpath to Krakow’s Sanctuary of Pope John II, view from the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy.

Contact information for the John Paul II Sanctuary 

Postal address: Sanktuarium Swietego Jana Pawla II, ul. Totus Tuus 32, 30-610 Krakow, Poland. Phone (+48) 122575315. Email

John Paul II robe in the JPII Sanctuary in Krakow, Poland
The bloodstained robe of Saint John Paul II in the church of his Krakow shrine.


In the footsteps of Pope John Paul II

Sanctuary of Divine Mercy
The world center of the Catholic spiritual movement.

Krakow, Poland

Pilgrimage sites in Krakow

Skalka Sanctuary
Poland’s second holiest shrine at the site of St. Stanislav’s 1079 martyrdom. Splendid Baroque church and fine monastery modeled on a Renaissance castle.

Tyniec Abbey
Hilltop monastery-fortress dates from the 11th c.

Bielany Monastery
Magnificent 17th-century Baroque hermitage complex atop the Silver Mountain hovers over Krakow.

St. Norbert's Convent
Vast fortified complex on the Vistula river is home to Krakow’s once powerful Premonstratensian Sisters since the 12th c.



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