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Krakow's New City Project 

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Krakow's New Town project

Krakow’s Central Development 

So-called 'New Town' or 'New City' (Polish ‘Nowe Miasto’), a 250,000-sq-m-plus office-shopping-and-entertainment complex on the 70,000-sq-meter site in downtown Krakow next to the Old Town historic district, remains the city’s biggest development project under construction. 


New city that has a history 

Krakow's local government earmarked the strategic area adjoining Krakow’s transportation hub with main railroad and bus stations for its brand-new commercial center. The successful bidder, American developer Tishman Speyer Properties, originally pledged at least 500 million US dollars in 1998. The municipality promised to top it with some $75 million worth of communal investment in the area over the next four years. In mid-2003 Germany's ECE Projektmanagement jumped the bandwagon and has gradually taken over the construction of the main complex from Tishman. 

In the wake of September 11, 2001 Krakow's city council resolved that the New City district's axial street, meant as future main downtown shopping avenue, would be named 'Ulica Nowojorska' which translates into 'the New York Street' but it hasn't materialized to date. 

New space next to old Krakow 

The first part of the New City has been completed in September 2006. It's the 123,000-sq-meter Galeria Krakowska shopping mall. The immense three-story shopping center boasts 270 shops and department stores, 14 eateries, and 9 cafes that take up the total floor space of 60,000 sq. meters. Plus a car park for 1,400 vehicles. 

The Galeria Krakowska cost 250 million euro to build and it has created about 2,000 new jobs. Together with a four-star hotel, opened in mid-2007, the shopping mall forms the first of two phases of the New City project. 

Krakow's New City project also involves a major overhaul of downtown traffic northeast of the Old Town district, complete with new thruways, tunnels, a purpose-built tramway, and thorough street modernization. Last but not least, it is connected with the construction of a brand-new terminal for the Krakow Glowny main train station and the city's central bus depot.

Looking forward to Krakow's future 

The second stage of the New City project has entailed investments to the tune of another 150 million euro. It has added two more hotels to date. Office blocks will contain the total of 25,000 sq. meters of top-quality floor space, while apartment buildings are to offer 30,000 sq. meters of tenantable floor area. 


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